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  1. Yes, no disputing it's a quality grinder. Wouldn't be hard to achieve this manufacturers adjustment. as far as I am aware, it cannot be done otherwise
  2. 0 should be the starting point, no? With this the actual starting point was 3 ish when set. having set this, you should then be able to remove the dial and and make the actual starting point (3ish) 0. i know it functions as it is, but at 350 pounds this is not major adjustment in manufacture that could be made in order to set this correctly.
  3. yes, you can shaun but we're dealing in increments of 3 and er, a bit, etc. mine arrived and had to be set up so the actual zero point (burrs touching) was some random number. You should be able to zero the wheel at that point.
  4. It's good to hear that you tried the sage and found it lacking. i may have ultimately made the right choice, and i guess i'm going to have to persevere and learn to work with it. agreed when you get it right the grind is great. but there are two coffee drinkers in the this house- one caff and one decaf- so working between is not really practical with that wheel.
  5. Does anyone else find it shocking that, having spent 350 quid (may be chicken feed to you but a considerable amount of money to me) you now own a machine where the calculation of the grind relies on a knob such as you'd find on a children's toy- with no means of setting it accurately or returning accurately to any former setting? it's just very poor at that price. my other option was a Sage Pro and I wish I'd gone for that now. At least you can track the settings- even if ultimately it isn't as good a grinder. Very disappointed in this aspect of the product.
  6. thanks all, you've really helpful. back to the drawing board....
  7. Thanks for your reply. Any idea as to what I'm looking for in a finer grind? I know it's difficult to talk about, but flour, sugar, feel between fingers etc? It looks now if I grind finder it will get to be like instant coffee.....
  8. Hello- I'm new here and struggling somewhat. I would appreciate some experienced assistance. Using a sage Duo Tempo Pro and a Magnon Specialita. Using Cloud Coffee Gishwati Beans Bought a tin of Illy Espresso ground to get a sense of what a good grind size would be- and worked to get very similar from Specialita. Sage 58mm basket- 16 grams of coffee fills basket when tamped level using their tamper and as specified to be level with top in instructions Timed extraction from turning switch on machine of 30 seconds. Yield is not 32g as expected but 60- tried mu
  9. new to the specialita grinder and i'm finding it promising, but there's a steep learning curve i can see ahead. fine but my issue at the moment is that i have a great working setting which is giving me great coffee and a decent brew, but the trail and error to get there means the adjustment wheel is now in a completely random position. is it possible to remove it without changing the setting to recalibrate it?
  10. Doug- that’s great- very useful. I’ll give it a go. Thank you.
  11. ^^^thank you for this- great advice!
  12. i see what you're saying. what's your view on pressurised vs non?
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