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  1. Hi @dfk41 Yes that’s the article I read. Yes they do mention strips but also mention a TDS meter. Sorry are you suggesting that nobody should take notice of our American friends?
  2. Hi Dave There is an article on the Clive Coffee website in the USA which suggests that RO water should not be used in an espresso machine. You say you use the Osmosis Zero system so is it OK for coffee machines such as HX and DB’s? Thanks Lesd
  3. Hi I already have a grinder which I will continue to use. It’s a manual, 1zpresso JE Plus. Eventually I will buy a Niche Zero but for now the JE will be good enough and it can be used with a cordless screwdriver for grinding. I see you have the Lelit Elizabeth, what do you think of it? I assume it is the updated version which DaveC reviewed. Les
  4. Hi Thanks for the info re the Crem, I will look into that more with BB. Re the HX question in general I also need to try and delve more in the pros and cons of HX vs DB etc. I had, until yesterday, decided to only look at DB’s but BB convinced me a HX would be best and certainly more cost effective. Not sure what you are referring to re the Mara X, which is a machine I had been considering, but then again BB suggested that Lelit as a company were ‘lower rank’ and I should look more at ECM. I did mention Rocket and again BB suggested they were not as good as ECM but better than Lelit.
  5. Sorry just noticed that the iPad has corrected the spelling to Cream but should read Crem
  6. Hi all Has anyone been fortunate to buy one of these machines as yet? If so do you have any early thoughts/views on it? I think the machine looks great and as I don’t really want to spend more than circa £1250 on a machine it seems to fit the bill, looks great (in my opinion at least), and offers a lot for the money. I also like the next model up which is circa £1500 and is a Dual Boiler machine so perhaps that is also worth considering but after speaking to Bella Barista this afternoon they seem to think a HX machine would suit me more given that I only make milky coffees a
  7. Hi JA92 Not in my area so not viable. Also prefer new with warranty etc. thanks Les
  8. Thanks for the replies thus far. Rob, I bow to your very in depth superior knowledge for I already do not know about cleaning the cam etc that you mention, but this is ll about learning. Re the cost, I’m not sure how much a paddle kit costs but there is circa a £600 difference in cost between the ACS Minima and the Lelit Bianca so cost could be a factor albeit I do think the Bianca is a lovely looking machine. Not averse to the looks of the Minima but I think the Bianca does win out on aesthetics but let’s face it, it’s what’s inside and the longevity of these things that really counts.
  9. Thinking of getting my first Espresso machine. Based on reviews and this forum site I like either the ACS Minima of Lelit Bianca. What do you guys think the better buy would be? Also does anyone have a view on Bezzera machines? Thanks Les
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