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  1. Thanks Ben! This is what I did. It turns out the fuse in the plug blew!!! So I took a fuse from my kettle and replaced it and now it works again!!
  2. This literally happen to me ‘Ish’ but my house mains are fine - it seems like the machine isn’t though.
  3. Thanks this is helpful and this is what I was thinking! I will try to check these! Everything looks fine and the main of the house are all working fine - which makes me think there is an issue with the fuse/wire within in the machine. The boiler still looks fine.
  4. So I brought a used Rancilio Silva and it was working fine. However, I found the pressure too high. So I opened it up to adjust and saw a ladybug on the boiler - like an idiot I try to remove it using a metal spoon (while the mains were on), the was a huge spark and the lights went off. Now my Rancilio Silvia doesn’t turn on . Does anyone know whether I can just replace the wires or is it case of replacing the whole boiler? Or is it just irreparable damage?
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