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  1. Thanks for the order @yardbent i hope you enjoy! Matt The Teesside Coffee Co
  2. Hi John @yardbent Yes the offer means the one that were advertising on the banner adds. 20% off for new customers. Rest periods and storage are very subjective things and everyone has there own opinion on this. We recommend our coffee is used within three months as long as it is kept air tight as far as possible. The bags are resealable. Only grind what you need if possible. Rest period for me is a minimum of three days. Again this is very subjective. I have a customer who will drink it straight from the roaster if they could. I have a customer who buys coffee a month in ad
  3. Hi @Emily We plan on leaving that offer up until the end of July and then changing to something new all being well. We have some great new coffees coming in next week to look out for. Matt The Teesside Coffee Co
  4. Thanks for the order @Waitforme I had a couple of orders like yours today. It's much appreciated!!! It's been sent out and should be with you soon. Hope you enjoy it. I really don't mind the 8 x 200g single origin coffee orders from hell at all. 🙄 😛 Matt The Teesside Coffee Co ☕
  5. Hi I'm Matt from The Teesside Coffee Co. We are new to advertising on coffee forums. We are currently running a promotion for new customers, we are giving 20% off using the code TTCC20 at the checkout. The Teesside Coffee Co are a small batch roaster. We roast all our coffee (mainly single origin and always arabica) to order on a 3lb air roaster. We are based in Skelton in Cleveland on the North East coast. Thanks Matt www.theteessidecoffeeco.com
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