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  1. Thanks! I made the trek out to Cromwell Tools today and am now the proud owner of 100g of Molykote 111, a few grams of which have been squidged inside my machine. As a note to those servicing their Delonghi Magnificas, there are THREE o-rings to lubricate, two inside the brew group and one in a separate nozzle to the top right of the machine, it's also helpful to unscrew the mounting bracket that holds the brew group (needs a T25 screwdriver and removal of two screws) and then you can lubricate the main screw that moves the brewgroup, and also lubricate the various contact points between
  2. As a follow up, Cromwell's shop is quite far from me, so I'm trying to avoid the trek there. Are there any other London based suppliers selling the magic Molykote 111 anyone knows of? Thanks!!!
  3. I'm sorry about your dad For the duff fuses, just get a multimeter and check each for resistance (or continuity if your meter does that). if it shows infinite resistance, bin it!
  4. Sheesh, happy to hear you're OK!!! You probably tripped the RCB for the house - did you turn that back on (sometimes it can trip just one circuit, check your house fuse box)? Also check the fuse in the plug, and it's fairly unlikely to have caused any serious damage but perhaps a wire somewhere burnt out? More importantly, I would be surprised if the machine was SUPPOSED to be conducting live electricity through the boiler housing, so it sounds like you could have a more serious fault. I would DEFINITELY get it checked by an electrician for safety, and if you get it repaired somehow by yo
  5. @DaveCUK thanks so much - what a helpful answer!! On the basis of what you've said (and backed up!) I'm going to go with the Molykote. Conveniently, Cromwell have a shop not that far from me so I'll stop there on the way past later today. Thanks again
  6. Hi Eiffel, I assume you're talking about this one? https://www.toolstation.com/action-can-dry-ptfe/p57723 It is N1 HSF certified so I assume it's OK to use in the coffee machine, HOWEVER it is a PFTE lubricant, whereas Delonghi recommend silicone. So it might be OK for me. Hmm. I also note that they have a silicone spray but sadly it's not food safe: https://www.toolstation.com/action-can-sp-90-silicone-lubricant/p34151 PS Here is the RS Components version I was considering: https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/lubricants/1234520/ (NSF H1). Delonghi specify a grease rather than
  7. Thanks Eiffel! The food safe lube cans worry me slightly, you can get another version from RS Components for about 10 pounds for a fairly large bottle, but my concern is that they use various nasty solvents as propellant, which is absolutely not food safe (or rubber / plastic safe). They will probably argue it evaporates off straight away, but I'm not sure I want the residues in my coffee.
  8. Sorry to resurrect this old thread but I joined to ask about a source of cheap food safe silicone grease for my Delonghi bean to cup machine, and then found others had already discussed! To give my thoughts: The FilterLogic silicone mentioned above is cheap (£8 for 100g on ebay) and says it's food safe BUT the manufacturer's own webpage doesn't mention it as far as I can see (https://www.filterlogic.co.uk/) and I can't find it being sold online anywhere other than Ebay & Amazon, which makes me a bit suspicious. The packaging also doesn't reference a safety data sheet or anything
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