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  1. Yes, I searched around for the baskets for 57mm and other stuff I have to admit there are not many. Not sure I can taste the difference from a IMS basket now but I guess I hopefully will get better sense after skills get improved Good advice. Thank you very much. I guess I probably will either stretch it to MaraX or can't wait for a new machine therefore go for Rancilio silvia.
  2. Many thanks for the advise. Elizabeth is certainly super but I read some reviews. But its like a rabbit hole and feels like I will stretch my budget endless!
  3. Thanks! I will do some research on MaraX as it wasn't an option at all. but I guess there are always thoughts of upgrading anyway no matter how good the machine is already 😉
  4. Thank you very much for the advice. I'd assume at least Lelit would have aftermarket stuff for 57mm? Although this may be on a more expensive end. I did consider MaraX but it doubles the price of Grace, also I'm slightly worried that it might be overqualified for a beginner. So I thought to start from Grace/RS maybe and when my skills become better can seek for an upgrade.
  5. Although there have been many posts about picking an Espresso machine for a beginner, I thought it might not be too bad to listen to some more ideas. This forum helped me a lot on choosing eureka specialita (Thank you!). Now I'm looking for a new Expresso Machine for an upgrade. I have delonghi dedica as a gift which got me interested in making coffee at home and helped me survive during the lockdown. Now I'm up to new adventure to pair with eureka specialita. My budget is around £500, and I'm aware that I need to budget extra £100 for accessories. I normally drink milk coffee
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