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  1. Plenty info of these questions if you have a search on the forums
  2. I'm thinking of chopping my Mythos hopper down and getting this chap to do the lid. Amazing work Joey
  3. Seen that in my email, but tried their blends and the Suarez pees all over them imho haha
  4. Also tried the Redber Dulce and were nice but not a repeat buy. Have just ordered the Bailies Comepcafe, so I'm looking forward to these especially after I get through the Django ones
  5. If I knew you'd drop that low haha I tend not to do offers on here so I miss out. Nice catch lads
  6. Ah yes I remember now. Think I have the plastic tube laying around David also if you need it.
  7. Sure that's been through my hands from your good self David
  8. Quite fancy a couple Let me know how to order/pay and decide what you have @MildredM
  9. I prefer the front guard removed and looking to tidy the front burr/tamper metalwork. Like what you did to yours @coffeechap
  10. Mostly espresso but just bought a Soft brewer but finding myself going back to espresso.
  11. I'll take both sets please. Message me and will send payment over Many thanks
  12. I like the badges... still waiting for Glenn to pop my 2k on.
  13. Still over priced imho May help post if you say where you're from
  14. One of the best. Most members here deal with BB. 100% and if local it's an idea to pop into see them for a demo. They maje you very welcome
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