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  1. Good morning, finally my supplier to whom I have told my coffee maker tells me that he has spoken to crem and that they are aware of this failure, that the pump water returns to the boiler and that they have solved it with a non-return valve. I don't know if or not because there are people in beautiful barista who returned the machine a few days ago. Because supposedly crem is aware of this failure a while ago and supposedly all the machines that have been sent in the last time They already come with this update or modification
  2. I've read carefully what you've written. It's happened to me to make both mistakes just like you, not to lower the lever in time and sometime again by raising the lever without selecting a profile. How do you get the pump filled or the air to go away and the way to eliminate noise?. And another mistake I made at the beginning of lowering the bars that came standard in 11 to 9 bars but instead of doing it from under the machine with the screwdriver I did it from the drip tray. But after reading in some post of yours I have left it again in the same position but possibly there has entered
  3. @[email protected] https://t.me/joinchat/bkD37LN2D7QwMTM0 @DavecUK This is the group where we are several users from all over the world and you are invited
  4. @DaveCIt's the first time I've used this profile. When I use very gradual or smooth climb profiles it makes no noise, even with the steam boiler on and if I use GSP mode with the pre-infusion from 15 to 30 seconds it does not make any noise yet with the steam boiler on. @DavecUK
  5. Here's the video with a profile. It doesn't usually make any noise in profiles but in this case ifhttps://youtu.be/60t78FjP_34
  6. Hello good night and greetings from Spain. I am a new owner of the cream one 2 boiler r-lfpp and have noticed a rare noise when working with pre-infusion of 10 according to or below it or some profile that requires a quick rise in pressure. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm sorry about my English translation.
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