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  1. I never use the shroud and my coffee is deposited nicely into the portafilter (I just use the funnel and hold the portafilter + funnel under the chute). I don't have any problem with coffee spraying around. I wonder why. Possibly beans/roast/climate affect this sort of thing. I will investigate this ledge, though.
  2. 😁 My only thinking about crema is the older my beans get, the paler and more boring it looks. This seems to coincide with some loss of flavour. But I hold no strong opinions about it. I'll go seek out a crema thread before going any further off-topic.
  3. This just sounds like a badly over-extracted espresso to me. I've always thought to make my best espresso and add it to the water to get a longer drink. But maybe this works ok.
  4. Discussions about the correct nomenclature aside, I've always put espresso on top of the water because just seemed easier that way. And you can tell it's going to be a good one when you get beautiful multi-coloured crema on top! I've never thought too much about ratios, though; just done it by eye. Lately I've been making an espresso, drinking that, and then pouring myself an Americano to sip at while I work.
  5. @DavecUK yes I probably should have asked first, since there may well be suppliers of it more locally with known good after-sales. Sadly Bella Barista don't sell them. OTOH, I hate asking for advice and then not taking it; and not all my decisions are entirely rational I feel like I owe this thread something more on-topic: Made a dozen or so shots over the weekend. I had exactly one fast shot that spooked me into grinding finer so I then got a too slow shot; probably I just had bad distribution. Put it back to the original setting and things went back to normal. Distribution i
  6. Fair play, @DavecUK. In my defense, all I did was search for coffeeitalia using the search box: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/search/?&q=coffeeitalia&search_and_or=and&sortby=relevancy 104 results. Look at that first page. "this retailer is a huge NO GO"; "less than stellar reputation"; "dont have a great rep"; "Put “coffeeitalia ” into the site search box, and from the results read a few of the many tales of woe"; "You won't get any support fromcoffeeitalia"; "you may want to do a quick search of "coffeeitalia " using the forum search tool...warning:- sit down before reading"
  7. Update: I put 4KG of the stale beans through for seasoning. Somewhat messy but otherwise fine. I will say the grinder does not like having large amounts of beans dumped in one go. I would probably not run it with a hopper. The motor would not restart if I let it stop when loaded, and it even stalled once from running at an espresso grind setting when I fed it beans too fast. Each time going to grind setting of 4 (burrs chirp at 0) freed it up. Also with no RDT and loading the bellows as if they were a hopper, ground coffee comes out somewhat burstily. I made 3 good shots this morning
  8. I got a Ceado E37SD yesterday. I bought it from CoffeeItalia. When I searched the forum for CoffeeItalia, I found lots of posts with sharp intakes of breath, and warnings about searching the forums to see terrible tales of woe, but no actual tales of woe. So I set my expectations and ordered. Timeline: Saturday 8th May place order and receive order notification email. Wednesday 12th 8am, send email asking why there has not yet been a dispatch notification. 10am receive reply saying I would receive my order at the start of the following week. Thursday 13th, receive email saying my order would d
  9. That does not sound right. Did you ever solve it? I seem to have caused myself (different) problems taking it apart and putting it back together again. I wonder if we made similar mistakes.
  10. I replaced my belt and pulley. I always used to single-dose it but was feeling lazy and filled the hopper. Then one day a bean got stuck, stalled the burrs but the motor kept spinning. This melts the nylon pulley and damages the belt. Bella Barista sold me a new metal pulley but were out of stock on belts so I ordered from vbeltoutlet. You want this product: B113MXL Timing Belt Replacement 113 teeth - 037 (0.37"/9.4mm). I figured out 113 is the number of teeth, MXL is a standard size of teeth, and 9.4mm is close enough to the width of the belt I took off (it's maybe 0.4mm wider but doesn'
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