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  1. Looking to get rid of my dslr. Posted on Gumtree with 9 pics so please see link for photos (as to not clog up this board). Link Mint condition Nikon D7100 body with box and charger. No marks or scratches. 2 and half years old, owned from new with only 1802 shutter actuations. Was originally with kit lens however that was sold and replaced by Sigma lens as below. Sigma 17-70mm F/2.8-4 DC MACRO OS HSM for Nikon. Fast and clean glass. Just over a year old and owned from new. No marks or scratches, with box and hood. Tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6 VC DI for Nikon. Fast and clean glass. 4 years old and bought ex display. No marks or scratches, with box and hood. Nikon SB-600 Speedlight. 5 years old, with box. No marks or scratches. Barely used. All above are for sale as swapping to Fuji compact system. Would ideally sell as a kit. Looking for £750. Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. No problem just pm me your address and I'll get it posted tomorrow.
  3. I got a new phone and this case is no longer any use. I'll post it to who ever wants it. Otherwise it will sit in a drawer until I throw it out one day.
  4. Thankfully sold locally- please mark as such. Thanks
  5. Selling the above Sony HT- AS5 surround sound system. Works great and self calibrates speakers using supplied microphone for optimal levels. You can plug 3 HDMI cables into the processor (back of sub) and use it silent input to TV. CEC and arc compatible for changing volume using normal to control and works with Bravia sync. I use it with an lg tv, fire stick, humax you view box and Xbox one with no issues. It's all in good condition and I'll throw in a couple of wall mounts for the rear speakers. I'll also upload some more pics once at home. It's 4 years old and changing due to wall mounting tv with a soundbar.... And yes I know it's a step backwards! Anyway looking for £100 collected from Fife or I can source a box to post but as it's quite heavy I would imagine it would cost about £25. Cheers https://www.sony.co.uk/support/en/content/cnt-specs/HT-AS5/list
  6. bz99s

    Dog lovers

    Making the most of the limited sunshine!
  7. The decking in that picture is just for a bin store, the other parts of the garden are in the same state however without the claw marks. I was worried about water drain even with the stones but not really knowledgable in doing some form of drainage. Someone did mention about digging up 10" of soil then putting down aggregate topped off with stones but I imagine that would be a relatively big job for me to do on my days off and free time.
  8. Thanks guys, I did try to aerate it with a pitch fork but the ground is solid clay. I was tempted to get green fingers in to do it with a machine but I thought it maybe a waste of money given how it appears to have such poor drainage and resembled a swimming pool during the heavy rain and then an ice rink once it froze over! I am tempted to just stone it for now. Do you think removing 3 inches of soil would be sufficient prior to a membrane and then stones?
  9. Just wondering if there is any budding landscapers who can give me some advice. Moved into a new build 3.5 years ago, I had turf put down not realising there was no drainage and that the ground is basically clay underneath the turf. The turf took well enough, but due to the dog and no drainage there is big patches of torn up mud and grass seed doesn't take or help to fill it. Ideally I would like to have someone come in and put in proper drainage but I don't have the funds so I was looking at converting it to stones. My plan was to dig up 2-3 inches of soil, put down some decent membrane and then cover with stones. Thankfully the back garden is pretty flat. Does this sound ok or will I regret doing it in this fashion?
  10. bz99s


    They are 30 quid for the basic belkin one which is what I have. The newer model is smaller and tells you power usage. They are easy to setup- I just found I had to change the auto channel setting on my router to a fixed channel to keep a good connection to it.
  11. bz99s


    Yes, you just enable remote access to turn it on out with your home wifi. Works perfectly for me.
  12. To be honest if your working nightshift, are shattered and cold..... and don't have access to a kitchen, then I can cope with McDonald's or wild bean service station.
  13. Contacted Smokey Barn today and Peter replied almost instantly to confirm he was sending me out a second bag tomorrow along with a free sample. More than happy and very satisfied with their service!
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