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  1. Yes, I checked mine and agree, the path of the tube is not as clear as I originally thought it would be. It looks like something might be changing for future models. The feedback from @DavecUK and experience of @MediumRoastSteam, @Doram and others is enough for me to take the tidy, reversible, internal mod and re-route the OPV back to the pump. I'll run some before and after tests, with the cover open, to see if I can spot any variations in sound etc. Not sure when I will get around to this but will post results when I do.
  2. and that was probably my only concern, if it might compromise the pump performance but reading this and previous posts that seems like a low risk. Presumably any air in the OPV line post mod would be pushed through the first time the OPV opens (as in a backflush), effectively bleeding the system?
  3. So, this is what I was referring to. Notice the cuts in the steel panel. They are in the same location as the cutaway in the water tank. The water tank stands a little higher than this but if the small portion of steel was ‘popped’ out I reckon you could run the tube from the OPV directly into the water tank.
  4. Hi there, New to this forum so just wanted to say hello to you all. I drink a mix of pour over, espresso and latte drinks. Preference for medium / light roasts but I like like to experiment and learn. I'm a former owner of a Sage Barista Express and recently upgraded to the Lelit Mara X / Eureka Specialita combo. V60 / Comandante C40 for pour over. Looking forward to learning more and contributing where I can. Dave
  5. Hi all. New to this forum and a proud owner of a Mara X. I opened up the machine up today to check it out before doing the mod and noticed that the steel plate that separates the water tank from the main compartment has a small partially cut area at the top that aligns with the existing notch at the front of the water tank itself. It's almost as if it has been designed to be 'popped' out to make a hole that the tube from the OPV could pass through and directly into the tank. I'd post an image but don't seem to be able to do that. Anyone else noticed this on their model?
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