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  1. Yeah I thought that was probably the case but is 300ml considered a large volume? (approx 1:4 espresso to milk) I expected it to at least be able to deliver enough steam for 2 at roughly 65 degrees (recommended froth temp) if it delivers 2 espressos at the same time, otherwise 1 espresso just goes cold whilst you wait for the steamer to work again. I guess I just wanted to to identify if it is a fault or expected behaviour.
  2. I purchased a Magnifica S machine about a month or two ago and although its mostly great, I have found that the steam wand can only really froth 1 mugs’ worth of milk (150-180ml). Its quite annoying when trying to make two as I have to leave the machine 10-15 mins before I can get (almost) enough steam for the 2nd mug. Is this expected behaviour? I figured it probably wasn’t as you have the option of making 2 espressos at the same time so I’d have expected the machine to be able to froth the milk for at least two? The first mugs’ worth of milk froths fine, it takes about 1-2minutes to get the milk (semi-skimmed) up to 65 degrees. For the second mug it will froth for about 1 minute and peter out. I’d be lucky if it gets to 40 degrees. I’ve tried using a larger milk jug and doing 300-360ml at the same time but I get a similar result where the steam peters out at about 50 degrees. In terms of technique, I try to create a few bubbles/froth at the beginning for a few seconds, then create whirlpool like effect for the remainder, which I understand should help the milk heat as fast as possible. Does it sound like there is an issue with my machine or is it not expected to be able to do 2 mugs’ worth of milk? Are others who own the same machine experiencing similar? Also, is there anything I can do technique-wise to speed up the heating of the milk? I’ve tried preheating it halfway in the microwave but it isn’t quite the same, is an extra step to have to do and I still find it struggles anyway to get to 65 degrees (presumably due to fat breakdown in the milk?).
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