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  1. Why is there (well I can’t find) a coffee scale that has a memory for say, 3 tare setting? I know to be super coffee brewer people will say it’s pointless but my empty grind cup and portafilter never change weight, I sometimes forget to press the tare button so get out the book that I have put the weight of stuff in and do some morning maths. So much easier for a numpty like me to press the memory button for the empty p/f… I am guessing a scale with Bluetooth may have an app that does it?
  2. "I just like to burr on the side of caution." I,ll get my coat...
  3. Massive re-vive-ish... I have been told to cut down on caffeine so I am thinking about afternoon coffee as decaf. My normal tipple is espresso but too many. Now, would a decaf longer black drink be better via an AP or V60? I don’t have a coffee kettle so temperature would not be consistent. It’s always possible to get a 60 for pennies, give it a try and see if I get on with it. Thoughts please oh cofaholics.
  4. Sounds fabulous. I must admit that when I looked into a coffee cart at my then local train station I couldn’t get the figures to work. Try as I might, it just wouldn’t get a profit unless people came to the station earlier than needed, working on a 2-3 minute coffee and people arriving with 5 minutes to go I wouldn’t make enough coffee in time. Having a rent free, dog walking, jogging paradise sounds ideal. Go for the local produce and sell “Artisan” stuff and you could be onto a winner.👍
  5. My record player is a bit more expensive than the kitchen equipment, but please don’t let on...🙂
  6. Thanks for replying. It’s all going well, I have had it from new, just reading here people seem to love fiddling and I don’t! A new screen and seal it is then.
  7. Hi, I have a Cherub, it’s 10+ years old. I make 5 ish 18g shots over the day. I back flush after use. I have descaled it with citric acid every 6 months. Hopefully not tempting fate but I have had no problems with it. Should I get it looked at? Should I change the filter? ( I pop off the screen and clean down when I descale). Please be gentle...
  8. Just joined the club in more ways than one!
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