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  1. ho ho ho wayhay, "lmao" had to look this one up!
  2. Same here, wanting to order a decaf and an espresso, can someone send discount code and any recommendation for coffee. An espresso ( black) that tastes like a flat white, sort of round full & sweet ! A decaf that tastes like real coffee ( not the watery toffee flavoured miserable stuff in a jar) ! I know everyones taste is different. Oh I also like the citrus sort of flavour too enjoying an Ethiopian at the moment. many thanks Michael
  3. I am enjoying a new method to me, Aeropress..14 grams coffee ...grind with Feldgrind set a touch finer than I usually do at 1.5 (Aeropress I used1.6 for a while with longer steeps )...because its a bit finer less steep 1 minute slow press about 20/30 seconds. Water on the boil straight into the plunger fill (mine holds 200 grams ) tip into Aeropress stir to wet 3/4 stirs, just before pressing 3 gentle stirs / paddle strokes back and forth. Got the idea here Tim Wendelboe Enjoy the experimenting, ..... 1.5 = one full turn 0 to 0 then turn to number 5 (which is infact a dot between 4 an
  4. Obnic, I like your 2 above posts .... For example: DESR (Decent Espresso Sense & Respond). Then have DESR StableTemp, DESR ChannelHeal, DESR AutoPreinfuse etc. Sense & Respond yep like it. Michael
  5. In post 632 I read "WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG TO BUILD AN ESPRESSO MACHINE? In November, when we last built 8 machines, it took one person 5 full time days to build one Decent Espresso machine." Out of interest who ended up with one of the 8 and what were the general thoughts, I understand they were first batch for trial but would make a mouthwatering read. I remember you explaining about the uk trip where transit teething problems surfaced. Thanks Michael
  6. Hi no price or delivery have a look here ....Coffee Forums UK Classifieds Usage Guidelines . hope this helps ditto for your Baby too, Michael
  7. Took my Feldgrind with me a while ago to NORT STAR ROAST in LEEDS when picking up some coffee. While there Holy was able to help me set the grinder for my aeropress. The setting they recommend is 4.25 on a big Ditting machine, for a 2min 30 sec steep + 30 sec press, after testing and tasting,we came to this setting for the FELDGRIND. 1 (full turn out ) . 10 1/2 ( round to the number 10 and just past it but before the number 11 marker ) Don't forget feldgrind goes 0 to what would be 14! unoll's numbering 1+10.5. Having said that having a go at unoll's 1+6 from above, hope someone muc
  8. They had one in the Gaggia shop on the shopping centre "Junction 32" Tomahawk Trail, Castleford, West Yorkshire WF10 4FR. They also had quite a few old Gaggia machines too, sort of mini museum feature. I don't think it was for sale though. Very interesting to look at.
  9. Double cream in Americano, taken over from Cappuccino for me when out and about. Decent Black coffee Black please!
  10. This thread makes me smile every time there is a flurry of activity
  11. This ere ZR71, is only slightly rarer than a hand grinder made by Knock!!!!!!!!!! Keep the pictures coming.
  12. Black hausgrind on his site right now.
  13. Or put more simply:- The burrs are setting nearer Zero than when they arrived (at 2 ).
  14. Settings, only ground maybe 10 X 20g of beans went to tight on the burrs which has been @ 2, this time went to 1 and although tight would turn easily with just a little resistance, so perhaps [email protected] the start quickly settles to 0 Zero.
  15. Would love to re set my dial to 0 as it is at 2 at the moment, would be no problem to rest when it all settles down later. How on earth did you get it off, I am reluctant to start attacking it until I know how easy it is. Thanks Michael
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