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  1. 1. replaced the safety thermostat (the corroded one) 2. I have replaced all cable terminals 3. I have zippered the wires bottom line: I assume that the root cause for the boiler not heating was the safety thermostat. As I said, at the same time, I decided to replace also the pump, because the plastic tube was completely worn out. After doing that, I probably made some stupid mistake that caused the fuse to burn. from that point forward, I entered a loop of breaking my head trying to understand what could be the problem....only to realize that I put the wrong
  2. MACHINE UP & RUNNING! Thanks so much for your help
  3. OK so resistance is 52 ohms. perfectly normal. which means: A. my multitester is dead B. back to square one with investigating. Ill use another tester to re-test all elements for resistance and infinity to ground...hope Ill find it. At least I know it is in the steam/hot water subsystem...
  4. I know for a fact that I can activate both at the same time...plus...otherwise...whats the point in having a double heat exchange?
  5. Unfortunately, there is no marking...but from total power stated, 1750watts, I can assume ~ 900watts, which gives ~59 Ohms...so Ill get another tester and check again Thanks
  6. We have 230V Yes, I have removed all connectors from the steam heater, except for the ground cable (the coffee heater connectors are hard to reach so lets ignore the reference measurement...) could be that my tester is bad....will try another one...what should be the correct resistance? I will also take the heater out completely before measuring again, just in case. as for other parts, as I mentioned, when power to heater is disconnected (by disconnecting the the cables from the thermostat) the pump and solenoid are working OK (by pressing on the hot water button
  7. Hi So, situation now, after replacing the steam pump, the solenoid and the safety thermostat of the steam boiler: when powering the machine without activating any pump, the fuse burns after replacing fuse, and trying again, this time with the steam switch (on the back) off, fuse is OK. Made some checks:resistance between 230V terminals when the switch is ON (but the steam switch is OFF) = 4.2 ohmresistance between 230V terminals when the switch is ON (but the steam switch is ON) = 1.6 ohmI went on and did the following tests:I disconnected the lines to the steam boiler th
  8. Hi Looking desperately for wiring diagram for my machine Anyone has?
  9. Thanks...the wire colors are all different...but Ill try to follow P2P
  10. Hi Thanks I checked...Unfortunately it only looks like it because of the photo perspective. The connector does not thouch the pipe fitting (actually its a few centimeters above it). It was a few milimeters from the coil...but not touching...I pushed the coil away just in case. As for isolation, you are absolutely right. I have a shrinking isolation which Ill use. Sad for me, no success for me yet with getting the machine to work
  11. Here are some photos. Your thoughts are appreciated
  12. Apologies for the capital letters...didnt know its not allowed. I will take some photos and share Thanks
  13. Hi Recently I did a small renovation to my machine. I replaced the steam pump, the safety thermostat and the solenoid when I power on the machine and before activating the pump, the fuse burns. I tried to disconnect the solenoid, put a new fuse and power on again. this time the fuse did not burn. Im not sure whats causing the problem. could be that one of the wires is not in place... does anyone have a wiring diagram of this machine? any idea what could be the problem? Thanks
  14. Just to verify... We are talking on the steam pump... Not the coffee pump... Its a dual heat exchange machine
  15. Thanks I ordered a new limit thermostat. I also took apart the solenoid and cleaned it internally. I suspect it is also faulty. if I take out the solenoid valve, to allow flow from the pump to the boiler, and try to blow air from the pump inlet, almost no air comes out from the outlet to the boiler, of course I close the valve side by one finger, so air will not go that way...
  16. Thank you so much so in this photo you can see the suspected element in the following picture, an alternative installation I found
  17. Hi thanks I would be glad to share photos but for some reason, specifically in this forum, I dont know how to do it Im not sure if I understand what is the limit stat...on each one of the boilers there are two round elements, one light brown rounded which is the thermostat, second black rounded one which I realized by trial and error, that is providing power to the boiler...is this the limit stat?
  18. Hi So... I checked the boiler nodes...looks OKI checked the thermostat for continuity ... seems OKThen I checked the load resistor ... looks broken ... it has no resistance at all... I understand that this element provides power to the boiler...I tried to locate the part number on the element but it got wiped out from wear... can you help with part number? B.T.W I saw in other forums that people are replacing this element with a safety thermostat like this one: https://www.drtradingshop.nl/en_GB/a-48797198/spare-parts-quickmill-3000-3002-3004/safety-thermostat-167-degr
  19. Yes Sir! I will do as you say and start with testing the thermoblock. can you please confirm the points I need to test between, as per the diagram I attached? Thanks
  20. Hi Dave Thanks for replying I understand I need to test between the two thermoblock nodes as marked in the drawing attached? what should be the expected resistence? what about the solenoid? if the solenoid is fault, doesnt it mean that water from the pump will not flow into the thermoblock? if yes, how to test the solenoid? .https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-VuztzxgvxRNP_-ukJYMJYoaUw_oUn3B/view?usp=sharing Thanks Assaf
  21. Hi everyone I have been gladly using this machine for the past 12 years! Recently I noticed that I do not get steam when activating. I opened the top cover and saw that the hose from the steam pump to the boiler is pushing air while the hose from the tank to the pump is filled with water. this led me to believe that the pump is fault. so I replaced it with a new one, only to realize that its not the fault 🤔...what I havent noticed before replacing the pump is that the heat exchange does not heat at all (while the coffee heat exchange heats fine). so I conducted the following tests:
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