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  1. I have a robot now and I love 6 bar shots. 19.3g in 43g out in 42-46s at 6bars. Then I add 150ml hot water (one of the best coffees I’ve had). Would be really interesting to try 11bar shots. I think they will make one hell of milk based drinks too. I think retarding the lever is easy but is it consistent? Accessories I’m going to get: Bravo Leveling tamper 54.7mm and 55mm base only Bravo Distributor 54.7mm Bravo Acrylic Tamper/Distributor Stand Bravo Tamping Stand Orphan Espresso Ipanema 53/54 dosing ring Now I need to find : IMS shower screen - IMS baskets - L
  2. @DavecUK commander of the alpha team and leader of the Leva pull squad, have you tried americanos with the machine? I think a new extraction-pornographic video is due!
  3. Yes yes yesssss long legs 🦵 👍👍 Acaia pearl and Ona stem’s base can fit beneath the drip tray 🤲🏻
  4. I just gave my friend Mr. Cortese’s email. Looks like the family is growing fast 🔥.
  5. Specs aside, Vesuvius EVO Leva will look even better with color options offered by ACS.
  6. Well, @DavecUK convinced me! I can retard the lever! That’s what the gauge is for! Dave Smart 😩
  7. I have no idea 😱 I just trust my friend’s findings. Bit lazy tbh 🤷🏻‍♂️ Nothing else. Actually, I asked 2 who have Alex Leva and they both agreed about this. Conicals/small flats provide more range than larger flats where you grind close to burr touch. I could always put the 2nd spring back in if I feel the results aren’t that great. Also, if I do this we will have a chance to compare results and communicate tasting notes ...etc. No harm in trying 🙅🏻‍♂️
  8. That’s great news! Some friends on HB forum are interested in this machine too. I feel like 1 spring is right for me especially that I have a large flat (monolith max), that’s why I just asked Paolo to take off the smaller spring and include in the box. This shows the beauty of this group head chosen by ACS! It’s very versatile and you have the choice to go either way. If you have a large conical or a smaller flat then the 2 springs are the best way to go ( I asked someone who has Alex Leva and he said 2 springs are better but he had to change his grinder from monolith flat to hg-1 a
  9. With all it’s specs it still costs less than a LR24 (Like what @DavecUK said, best bang for your buck). I advise you to message @Paolo_Cortese directly and find out. kiss the ring my friend and you will be caffeinated for life! 😈
  10. All coffee communities I’m on are friendly, but you guys share my excitement about this machine! I think we are now bounded with each other and we all should be sworn to loyalty by Don Paolo Corteseone WELCOME TO THE ACS’s FAMILY
  11. I know myself, I’ll use the scale all the time 😅
  12. Imagine a short wall plastic container underneath the ona stem’s stand! When you remove the cup, the over extraction goes in the container! The drip tray would be spotless. Again wishful thinking 😂🙏🏻 Talking about convenience (in other word laziness😭)
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