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  1. I've just come back from 10 days over there (took daughter to Disneyland Paris) and despite visiting many towns and villages, the only place I found a half decent espresso was at Da Francesco in Soissons. My advice is to take an aeropress and a hand grinder if you can.
  2. I have the Sage Dual boiler and am one happy girly
  3. I'm looking forward to getting home and trying these. Aeropress, Brazen or espresso, I think these will be amazing
  4. To be honest, I struggle to find a decent cup out and about. De Melo on Linthorpe Road aren't too bad if you like your beans dark - Imran who runs it has a blend roasted for him and it's roasted til just after 2nd crack. It's drinkable without sugar. He does ice-cream, desserts, shakes, waffles etc so he expects kids but there's nothing for them to do except sit. Someone mentioned a place in Yarm, like a micro cafe but I've not been yet. The Baker Street Cafe and Chilli Cake Deli seem to be well liked but again I've not sampled their coffee. My daughter does horseriding in Saltburn and I take her to a cafe afterwards to warm up, called the Sitting Room. Tiny place, very quirky but they do a half decent French press with beans from a local roaster in North Yorks. Rounton Coffee from North Yorks often visit the specialist markets in Stockton. My guilty pleasure is going to York purely to have a cuppa by Gordon at The Attic/Harlequins.
  5. Really looking forward to this coffee, sounds right up my street. Just hope I can do it justice!
  6. That's the first time I've seen Stockton on a forum. I always say Middlesbrough as people tend to have an idea where that is. I'm Thornaby
  7. Hi Kraig, I'm near Middlesbrough. Welcome
  8. I'd probably drive (from Middlesbrough).
  9. I was keen to come but week days are pretty impossible for me. Shame, would be nice to put faces to names.
  10. Welcome to the forum. Perfect place to learn and gain new information.
  11. Saddened to hear this news and condolences to you and his family. Simon was a respected forum member and his presence will be missed.
  12. Obsy

    Emergency beans

    Are there any decent coffee shops open that would sell you some beans?
  13. I've enjoyed this year's SSSSS so have signed up again for 2016
  14. Got the email announcing the last of this year's SSSSS is in the post. Am stoked to hear that SSSSS2016 is going ahead - looking forward to signing up
  15. Amazing first post = word for word Flibster's answer!
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