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  1. Unsure if this has been mentioned before, but both mesh and non mesh screens can also be found on aliexpress for those looking after non-standard pf sizes (eg 49, 51, 53mm). I don't need it for cleanliness but I'm keen to try if it does anything to the flavour. Might be a while until they arrive.
  2. I doubt that, shipping was expensive (maybe 170$?), and if I recall correctly, vat is applied on price incl. Shipping. Assuming 900$ (an analog gauge or springs etc as add-ons), 170$ shipping, that'd be already nearly 1100$, or £800. Add some VAT and duties and we probably approach, if not surpass, the £1k mark. Still good value, mind you. But much more so for US customers than for UK/EU. I'm not on the market but if I was I'd consider the second batch once the inevitable teething issues which always follow a new launch will be resolved.
  3. Levercraft puffer View Advert If you have one let me know! Advertiser Roko Date 05/08/21 Price £1 Category Wanted  
  4. Bplus 49mm screen View Advert If you have one let me know! Advertiser Roko Date 05/08/21 Price £1 Category Wanted  
  5. Roko

    1 € Espresso

    I do but I lived my younger years in Naples. I mean, most cafes there are old and traditional rather than young and hipster. As a result, they will have used their equipment (often a vintage lever machine) for many years, with the same beans, same grinders, and same parameters. Especially in areas like Naples, coffee is too important of a (direct and indirect) revenue source to be done poorly, there's way too many cafes and pastry shops coming after your € and if you make bad coffee*, locals will notice and go elsewhere. *clearly what constitutes good or bad coffee will vary depending on many factors. In this case, bad coffee means bitter, ashy, thin-bodied.
  6. Roko

    1 € Espresso

    I don't think it's a case of this or that equipment, I've got many friends in Naples who drink espresso 'come al bar' ("just like the cafe") by using supermarket pre-ground in De Longhi machines with pressurised baskets. Of course a lever machine will make it look like it's Italy as well but I doubt you need that. The closest I've got to Neapolitan espresso - not that I was trying - was with one of Rave's beans, can't remember if it was Italian Job or another one. Grind fine, but not too fine (choking your machine won't help), very short ratios, and you should be close enough.
  7. Denis - have you tried other self-levelling tampers other than the Bravo, and why did you specifically pick the Bravo? I'm also on the lookout for one (49.5mm), and Bravo and Eazytamp are both available. I like the looks of the Bravo more, but would be great to know more about whether it's also better from a functional perspective. Apologies if I keep derailing the thread, but I assume the info may be interesting to others who will want a self-levelling tamper for their ACS.
  8. I have spoken with an user who removed (or swapped - can't remember) the declumper and their retention (right after cleaning) dropped dramatically.
  9. There's definitely ways to overcome the limited headspace (72 or 73mm IIRC). Surely if you want to make a Starbucks-like latte you are out of luck, but you can totally make larger drinks with it. I don't want to derail this thread further so I won't list them but feel free to hit me up in DM.
  10. @creationtwentytwo nice! I am looking at this grinder with interest. I am of the opinion that by removing the flapper, somehow adding some 3d printed SD mod, and (if one prefers light roasts) swapping the burrs for some ditting steels, one can get a pretty good grinder for the price. It would not cost much more than the Solo, and in theory it is not meant for SD but - perhaps naively - I like the idea of owning a MK much more. And to my own eyes, the X54 looks far better. Burr alignment, whether it matters or not, in theory should be better on the MK. Both grinders need to be modded to perform at their best, so I don't see the X54 as being more of a pain to mod for SD.
  11. Well I'm not sure that's comparable to the La Peppina or CT2, that's an open boiler-less 😅 You might be aware of it, but the CT2 has a rather different design in that you have a boiler which is basically in contact with the grouphead, and once you lift the lever up a little bit, it lets water in. The boiler does not have a PID but the heat cycle of the thermostat is fairly predictable and only ranges some +/- 2c, which is not little but to be honest is not all that much either and if you have the light going on/off to guide you. On the other hand, unlike some other designs, you have very good confidence that your grouphead will be at the same temperature, in a similar fashion to saturated groups (with the advantage that the water does not really have to travel far to get to your coffee puck). The Robot is definitely a valid wee machine, but it's not quite the same in that it requires a bit more of a faffy routine (but I'd imagine it would lead to very similar results in the cup especially if one drinks medium dark stuff rather than the fruit juice that is all the rage these days).
  12. Whilst I agree it's overpriced, I don't think 700 euros is the "right price". That's the price of a LP EP. Which is an industrial product with surely lesser quality materials, no thermal management at all, which would require quite a bit of modding if one wanted to increase repeatability and consistency. Again as I said earlier, if you just want a machine that makes good coffee then there is really no point in looking at the CT2. The real question is, the open boiler design can be very attractive for those who don't care about milk, why is the CT2 the only modern interpretation of products such as the La Peppina or Caravel?
  13. Paolo, se fai una leva manuale me l'accatto a vol a vol! I think saying "a machine like the CT2" is not quite the best way to ask. A Flair 58 is basically a machine like the CT2 (it's not an open boiler but it's not that much different). Yet, they are very different. With the CT2 you are essentially buying a handcrafted piece of art which happens to be pretty good at making coffee. We can't judge it just by the spec sheet because it's going to lose every single comparison against any other machine. Of course not everybody values the artistic side of it, the premium materials, the fact that it's handcrafted by a single person. Then there is the counter space argument. How many people would love to have espresso but just can't fit a huge dual boiler? Honestly a La Peppina or Caravel with more modern features would be a dream machine. Thermal stability of an open boiler, flexibility of a lever, simplicity without much electronics, small footprint.. It's really a compelling proposition. In my opinion, It would definitely butcher the second hand market for the La Pavoni.
  14. I wish there was more content available overall. Looks like they launched it, yet there's no stock or reviews anywhere.
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