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  1. Thanks for the replies. I did consider asking the retailer for the password. However when I bought it and I asked about problems they had experienced with it, the only one had been from a user getting into the technicians menu and making changes he/she should not have. They then realized their error, but hadn't recorded things so could not set it back to the original settings, necessitating a trip to the vendor to correct. It was more idle curiousity on my part. I like to know how things work. That helps me to do my own simpler repairs when things do go awry. The more complex things (ie p
  2. I have been lurking for a over six months since a search on the Niche brought me to DaveUK’s fine review. Even then it took me a long time (months) to make up my mind and try and get one. Missed the boat in January but succeeded with the last Indigogo release so hope to get it in June.
  3. As a happy relatively new owner of a Bezzera Duo I was wondering what could be controlled in the technicians password protected area. I know the store I bought it from here in Vancouver, Canada, ECM, set it for our 120 volt 20 amp circuit in the kitchen. Presumably there are settings for the three PIDs which I would not have a clue how to adjust so wouldn’t dare. But what other tricks does it have up its sleeves? It has certainly been a joy to use and drink the espressos from compared to my 12 year old first version Oscar. Love reading the informed commenters on this site. Have ordered a
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