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  1. @MediumRoastSteam Yep I have an Airscape (large 1.1KG ver), only purchased recently; but this time I was greedy and purchased 2x 1KG bags… so the Airscape is fully of another bean… I’ve been using an airtight jar for the current bag… maybe that is the issue, and I shouldn’t need to dial in the same bag time and time again.
  2. Hi all, I’m sure this has been covered, but I’m struggling to find a specific past thread… I buy a kilo of beans at a time and have them in an airtight container. I dial them in to the ‘sweet spot’, then after about 2 or so weeks the shot starts to come through a lot slower and more bitter. I made the grind courser and now my timings are back on track, but doesn’t taste as good as it did (obviously not as fresh… oils, CO2 release etc etc). …. the question; is it possible for me to adjust the dial in to get a good flavour again… or do I have to opt for a quantity of beans I can finish within 2 weeks? 😞 Thank you in advance. Darren
  3. came across this and thought it good for those starting out… https://darkwoodscoffee.co.uk/guides/espresso-brew-guide.pdf
  4. @heytchap Thanks for checking in; I think my timings are good… but I’m not happy with the taste, seems bitter (or maybe sour) on an 18g 1:2… in 30secs. I might have to play with the ratios a little, or the dosing… I’ll have to read up.
  5. Does this only affect Specialita, Or could it be the Silenzio model too…? I’ve just had some inconsistencies with dialling in, been back and forth more times than I remember; just want to check it’s not faulty hardware and solely down to my own inexperience 😵‍💫 Darren
  6. @ajohn Thanks again… the 18g fit very well in the double basket, no where near the top. And I tamp with a fair amount of pressure, also tried easing off. I have a distributor and a tamp so are pretty level… “all the gear no idea” 🙂 I’ll try another cup later with a courser grind and stirring in the PF.
  7. Thanks great comments and very helpful! @ajohn I think you are correct, what appeared at first to be a good shot, was probably too fine and so created channelling (or similar), hence the inconsistent flow, and inability to replicate; I think I need to go courser. @Cuprajake Yes I dose into a cup while I’m learning, and weigh everything. I will go courser and try stirring the grind a little in the PF as per the vid. 🙏🏼
  8. Hi, so as you will see in my video, I had it all dialled in pretty nicely, I think; but every subsequent shot has been a lot slower. I’ve adjusted my stepless grinder a few notches courser, both yesterday and today… still the same. I am adjusting while grinding, and purging. Could this be the grinder, or the fact the beans were roasters 5 days ago and so the CO2 composition is changing, and they need longer to rest? Thanks, Darren
  9. @MarkHB good thoughts… but yeah I do purge after grind changes, and made 2 double shots one after the other, but even the second one pulled was slow. I’ll check in the morning after going extremely slightly courser.
  10. Yeah it was good… could do with a tweak… after the first ‘good’ shot was pulled, subsequent ones have been a little slow, even though I changed nothing! Tried not tamping so hard, making sure the portafilter and group head are warmed, still too slow so I’ve made a tiny adjustment on the grind to go a tiny bit courser- we’ll see in the morning 😵‍💫
  11. Hi, was just waiting for my beans so I can dial in for the first time, only had the grinder and machine about a week. I love a flat white, so the espresso extraction is fairly important. It did taste pretty good. Please comment on flow and timings. Running at 18g dose. I've cut the middle of the vid, but you get the gist. https://youtu.be/r69il1gDAxU Thanks all! Darren
  12. Quick one… gone for the Espresso Blend- how long do CoffeeLink usually take to deliver, and how fresh is the roast? Thank you! Darren
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