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  1. Ah, yes, that's the other thing I had been wishing for with my SGP: I had a bag of tricky beans that was just over/under on the steps, couldn't really get the taste right, so stepless micro-adjustments like the Mignon has would have been helpful. My solution has been to switch to easier beans, so I have a good time with my setup now! 😀
  2. I think they're referring to this: https://www.sageappliances.com/uk/en/home/events-and-demos.html I believe that if you attend one of those free virtual demonstration, at the end they often give you a discount code? I've got a Sage Bambino Plus and Smart Grinder Pro combo, I'm having a good time with it, within its capabilities (lighter roasts are difficult, but medium can be done well, and medium-dark is no problem at all). The grinder could be better, the grounds often being a bit clumpy, nothing that can't be fixed with a partly unfolded paperclip, but you might be able to grab a
  3. I'm told it's a big difference, if only in how the puck comes off much more cleanly, but I'm not about to find out soon, it seems... 😂
  4. I've got a Bambino Plus as well, and while it has its limitations, if you stay within them, it's really great! With a grinder and using the single wall baskets, I can make a medium or medium-dark roast just as good as fancy cafés (although it takes me 20 minutes instead of 2 😂), and I've been quite happy with the results when using the double wall baskets with nice pre-ground coffee (maybe not "fancy café" good, but still better than any high street chain!). Nice that you're having a good time with it, and taking your time to save up for a nice grinder is an excellent idea! It'll give you
  5. I was referring to the Wilfa Svart (which appears not to be an option after all!), but in any case, if there's going to be switching between brewing methods or beans, retention is going to be a thing to watch out for. I modded my SGP with a single dosing kit, which helped a lot, but isn't cheap... I'm in a similar situation where I'm alternating between brew methods, and I'm thinking of getting a hand grinder for the morning French press? That would unfortunately not do great on the convenience front! 😂
  6. An Elizabeth or a MaraX would of course be best, but pushing on just a bit to a Victoria would at least get you on the 58mm standard portafilters? But I can definitely see the sense in saving up some more and going directly to the better machines, they're not a huge amount more (unlike a Bianca, say!). I've started out with an espresso machine not long ago, with a Sage Bambino Plus, and while there's more aftermarket accessories for 54mm than for 57mm, it's been a bit annoying... At the moment, I'm waiting on the one shop in Europe that sells IMS baskets that will fit to restock! For
  7. I was just thinking the same! The BE grinder can be dedicated for espresso, and a second grinder can do the V60/Aeropress, without having to change settings too much? I think the Wilfa Svart has a timer function, and while it might not be the best grinder in the world, it seems to be well regarded, and seems like good value? Not sure how well it does on retention, might need a bit of purging when switching between V60 and Aeropress grinds, but shouldn't be too bad (and unlikely to be worse in that regard than an SGP)...
  8. Actually doing road cycling myself, visited for Touro (and hope to return!), so I was going up the Leithen Water to the Midlothian viewpoint, up Paddy Slacks, and fast loops to Walkerburn and Cardrona, on top of so many good rides! I'm 100% going to do a mountain bike hire in Innerleithen sooner or later, but I believe you when you say that the trees always win... 😂
  9. He's had the machines on the counter behind him for a good while now, this was a bit of a let down, I agree. I do enjoy his videos, usually, and the grinders series was quite good, I thought, doing a video for each, and then a final comparison video, that would have been a much better format? He pinned a comment about the Lelit a bit later, even though I would have personally liked to have seen an Elizabeth in that test, it seems to be like the MaraX is clearly the best value from that group, and not much to be gained with the Profitec, say?
  10. Oh, Innerleithen is such a nice place! Stayed there for a while, went back and forth between No1 and Loulabelles, in between the cycling! 😀 That's sounds like a great starting kit for someone like you, a lot of mods for the Gaggia Classic, should take you a long way, especially with such a nice grinder. A kilo of Three Hills Eildon to learn how to dial in and get some practice, perhaps? Welcome to the forum, hope you have fun!
  11. I guess transferring it might be a bit like stirring it, at best... Looking at the sorry state of my flat white cups when making coffee with a bottomless portafilter, there might be some usefulness there, but that's something else! 😂
  12. There's always better equipment to be bought for sure (ah, if I had a Nice Zero, I'm sure all my shots would be perfect! 😂), but if there's a way to make the equipment we already have work better, that's always great!
  13. That Hario Skerton hand grinder is tremendous value, but might be "optimised" for brew coffee rather than espresso? That optimisation might be in the choice of steps on the grind settings, for example... Some people seem to have modified it to be stepless, sounds fairly easy, might be something to try out? https://www.home-barista.com/grinders/hario-skerton-best-setting-for-espresso-t24296.html#p283361 Alternatively, if you have a double-walled (pressurised) basket handy, maybe that'd be worth trying out (with the coarser of the two grind settings)? It might not be the best that
  14. Interesting discussion, bringing some deeper understanding on the process for me, thanks! I'll give the light roasts a chance at some point, but I'll need a bit more experience under my belt first. 🙂
  15. Is the water tank wider in the other Sage machines? I tried putting it in its side to keep the water in (admittedly in its little holder thing), but it didn't fit. Maybe having the holder bottom half already in place, and assembling it in situ would work? I'll try that the next time. I had the same problem, caused by an air lock, and I just shook the tank with the filter as sideways as possible, until some bubbles came out. 😂
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