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  1. James Hoffmann did a review of it, I believe, maybe you'd find some information of interest in that video?
  2. You initially said "they are one and the same", and I know that you meant "Sage in the UK" and "Breville elsewhere", but I think the original poster was asking it in the sense of both in the UK (Sage and "Breville UK")? And in the UK, they are different companies. (I based this off the mention of a "Breville Mini", which isn't a product that exists outside the UK, as far as I know) Same thing, just from a different point of view. 🙂
  3. See these: https://www.breville.co.uk/breakfast/coffee-makers/breville-barista-max-espresso-coffee-machine/VCF126.html https://www.breville.co.uk/breakfast/coffee-makers/breville-barista-mini-espresso-coffee-machine/VCF125.html
  4. To be clear: in the UK, Breville and Sage are not "one and the same", they are completely different companies.
  5. Note that the Breville company that's operating in the UK seems to sell machines that look quite similar to some Sage models (as you point out, the Breville Barista Mini to the Sage Duo-Temp Pro, and also the Breville Barista Max to the Sage Barista Express), but they don't seem to be quite the same, and they're also suspiciously about half the price of the Sage models they are similar to?! That sounds too good to be true, I'd suspect they are different internally (but I do not know for certain)... They also remind me of the Aldi espresso machine, which also looks somewhat similar to the Sage Barista Express, but did NOT perform as well! 😂
  6. The availability is the big problem if you want a Niche, but it seems to be getting somewhat better? They send out an email when they release a batch of them, they used to disappear in minutes, now it takes a day or two... Still have to wait for the next batch to be released, though.
  7. Yes, I'm seeing the same. With the previous beans, I was using an 18g dose, and that came out fairly neatly. This coffee is a bit lighter, and I'm trying to give it less work to do, hence the 16g dose...
  8. On mine, bought new last autumn, I can hear chirping starting at about 6-7... I'm at 10 with my current coffee (Monmouth Finca Capetillo, a medium-dark roast), which I feel isn't far at all, and I'm concerned about accidentally "crashing" the burrs! Is that a reasonable concern? Should I just adjust the top burr a bit coarser to that I can get closer to 1?
  9. I'm putting in 16g with the coffee I'm using at the moment, and it's a bit messy (I've got a bottomless portafilter), but not too bad? When it comes out, the cake is quite soggy, though! I'm eyeing those 12-18g IMS baskets as something that might improve things...
  10. If you've got a bottomless portafilter too, you can often see the "doughnut" shape when the coffee starts coming out when you use the distribution tool on a lot of coffee... That seems to be because the middle part (which essentially only comes down, and doesn't really distribute anything!) just presses down what coffee is there, in a sort of pre-tamping, so there's an uneven patch near the centre of the puck where the grounds are denser. This seems to get worse when the basket is more full, but when the basket isn't overflowing, I do use the distributor, and while there might be a bit of "doughnut" happening, it's not too severe, and I'm happy with the taste, which is probably the most important! 🙂
  11. I've got one of those Crema double-sided distribution/tamping tools, when the basket is very full, I don't like using the distribution side, as even on its shallowest setting, it still kind of half-tamps the middle? When very full, I do some WDT with a thin pin instead.
  12. That grind dial button... It doesn't look like it would lend itself to repeatably changing back and forth between settings, am I right? Sure, low retention is good to help minimise stale coffee, and reduce waste when dialing in, but two big (to me) use cases for low retention grinders is being able to easily change between brew methods, or change between beans (which, even if you use the same brew method, might each have different grind settings)... That dial seems fine for filling a hopper with a 250g of beans, then always doing only espresso, say, but if you do anything else, not great? I'll be waiting for proper reviews!
  13. Ah, yes, that's the other thing I had been wishing for with my SGP: I had a bag of tricky beans that was just over/under on the steps, couldn't really get the taste right, so stepless micro-adjustments like the Mignon has would have been helpful. My solution has been to switch to easier beans, so I have a good time with my setup now! 😀
  14. I think they're referring to this: https://www.sageappliances.com/uk/en/home/events-and-demos.html I believe that if you attend one of those free virtual demonstration, at the end they often give you a discount code? I've got a Sage Bambino Plus and Smart Grinder Pro combo, I'm having a good time with it, within its capabilities (lighter roasts are difficult, but medium can be done well, and medium-dark is no problem at all). The grinder could be better, the grounds often being a bit clumpy, nothing that can't be fixed with a partly unfolded paperclip, but you might be able to grab a used Eureka Mignon grinder for a similar amount to a new Smart Grinder Pro, and have it a bit easier? But that might be more of a budget stretch than a used Barista Express, that's for you to decide, of course.
  15. I'm told it's a big difference, if only in how the puck comes off much more cleanly, but I'm not about to find out soon, it seems... 😂
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