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  1. As a hobby mechanic I have wanted one of these for a few years just never had a job to justify it. Vacuum breaker now changed with ease!
  2. I have a Rancilio Rocky grind, known for fairly high retention. I am thinking I could make my own lid with a bellow but can't seem to find a suitable bellow. Not even sure what I should be searching for? It has a fairly large hopper so needs to move some air, I'm thinking similar size to a regular teacup or mug. Any ideas gratefully received.
  3. I have the same machine and had to replace the limit stat, it was visibly very corroded but only failed when it started to boil and some water leaked out of the vacuum breaker onto the boiler top. Hissing just sounds like the water boiling off on top of the boiler. As Dave highlighted the change regarding the level sensor protection seems strange, but then your post suggests it is tripping straight away so how would you know? I found opening the machine much easier than the online guide made it sound and inside is fairly simple and accessible. Obviously keep it unplugged whilst
  4. Got a new Ulka EX5 pump today, just fitted and reassembled. Had my Andreja around 6 weeks but doubt I've had 10 days of coffee out of it yet. All a learning experience. Hopefully should be good for a while now.
  5. I've noticed the consumer machines with built in grinders tend to have a fixed tamp where you push the portafilter up into it. I also noticed similar at a local cafe, couldn't see that well but appeared to be attached to a commercial grinder and they had a commercial espresso machine. Using this method must result in a fairly light tamp. What experiences have people had with light tamping and how does it change the workflow in terms of dose and grind?
  6. Just to update, parts arrived last week but had to go away with work. Replaced the limit stat, plastic covers on spades did crumble off so currently bare, plan to heat shrink. Never got the vacuum valve off, it will need an impact gun which I will see if I can borrow off someone. Using leverage just moved the whole boiler. It's running fine this week but still needs to be finished at some point.
  7. Parts ordered but the vacuum valve isn't coming out easily. The basket has corroded and come away leaving the remains under the valve which won't be helping.
  8. Thanks. Here is a better video of the extent of the spitting once cooled for a while. https://youtu.be/AYERgSnpxk8
  9. Thanks. I have removed the videos from the post now. I didn't capture the valve spitting first time but you can see how much water has been sent across the boiler and is boiling off. The valve spinning video was afterwards when I released a lot of steam but the spitting was much reduced as it was up to temperature. Photo of top added. Is the level sensor on the right of the limit stat?
  10. Removed video. See below on YouTube.
  11. Had the case off again this morning. Happy with house electrics side. Running on same socket used for 2kw heater and dehumidifier (one at a time!). Retightened or reseated all power connections. Two issues identified. 1. Slight leak from the screw holding the level sensor magnet in the tank. Previous owner had it plumbed. Tightened but may add some silicone too. 2. I believe this is an anti vacuum valve but see video. It seals at high pressure and weeps at lower pressure? When powered on from cold it sprays a lot of water whilst spinning. Not really visible in the video as I le
  12. My Andreja has in the last 2 days tripped the RCD on the fuse box twice. Neither was at switch on. First time was after around 10 minutes but I put this down to possibly moisture inside as it had got some water around it during transit and I may have missed some. Today it was fine this morning, on for around 30 minutes before I realised I had an issue with the microswitch so powered off to cool, fixed switch and powered up again, made coffee. Powered off. Mid afternoon, powered up again and it tripped the RCD after around 10-15 minutes I think. I reset it and turned on agai
  13. Postman has been (cups collected locally from small cafe).
  14. It does have the CEME stat, I did adjust it 1/8 of a turn this morning as it was running up to around 1.7 bar. Was getting no pump when the lever was up, turned out the microswitch had come out of the clip presumably whilst in transit. Yesterday I had to first switch it back from plumbed to tank so getting to know it already. I did rub a small amount of grease around the snap clips and did use my towel to protect my hand as well as the panel. Hopefully I will be adding to this post again later I the postie brings my 58mm tamper.
  15. A significant upgrade arrived today
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