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  1. Awesome... thanks for your help though David, to be honest I would have bought it from yourself but you were out of stock at the time. I may live to regret that decision by the sounds of it!!
  2. yep understood all of that. Is there any way I can resolve the situation myself? It came on a pallet as you described. I’m actually heading back to Australia in a couple of weeks and planning to ship the machine to take it with me, so obviously don’t want to have to wait for a new machine / swap.
  3. Ok that makes a lot of sense, any idea why on each the boiler wouldn’t be heating? Actually given the machine is completely silent when I turn it on that’s probably it.
  4. Yes although when I pull a shot the bottom dial goes up to around 3. The pressure stays at 0 though..
  5. It heats up just fine, ie I’m able to pull a shot through it. It’s just there’s no pressure to either the tap or the wand. i thought it was just my incompetence but sounding like it might be the machine, which is very frustrating given its brand new!!
  6. Hi David, no I’m actually in the U.K. and bought it from Coffee Italia.
  7. Hi guys, just unboxed my new bz10 today and there doesn’t seem to be any brew pressure! Neither tap not stream wand work and the brew pressure dial is reading zero.. any ideas? Am I being an idiot and not doing something simple??
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