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  1. Had to give it up. Didn't manage to get the pump from the motor. Brought to the repair shop. Let's see what they find. Many thanks for the responses. It was an interesting first time experience to try to solve issues myself.
  2. Anyone an idea how to get the pump from the motor. It is really stucked. No movement at all. Do I need to turn it or should I be able to simply lift it?
  3. I removed the acorn nut and didn't find too much problems. Then tried to look into the motor. Got the clamp off, but unable to easily remove the pump. Should this be easy or is some force needed. I think I also see some scale already (see pictures)
  4. I have looked at some tech drawings of the pump. If I remove the acorn nut, I can get the screw out at the other side as I can screw the adjustment screw easily in, but not out. That will most likely allow me to see what is wrong with the adjustment screw or the acorn nut. Maybe a stupid question but do I need to take the machine of the main supply or can I leave it one and just close the main supply tap down. There is still 4 bar pressure on the system. I am wondering how much water will get out of the pump when I take the acorn nut off.
  5. I can't unscrew it with a screwdriver. Too tight. Does this mean I need to untighten the bold too?
  6. It's dust on the capacitor. Cleaned it. Hardness is 5.6 dH (i.e. 97 ppm), and connected to main via BWT best max filter set up. The pumphead is a fluido tech. So I guess yes it's a FOT rotoflow. It says CA104Z, although I also see CA0120AGANN on the pumphead. Looks like the first next step is to completely unscrew the adjuster. I don't have moly. Can I use another liquid libricator like WD40. Not sure if these are okay for use in an espresso machine.
  7. Dave, here is a photo of the adjustment screw. This is the screw I turned 360 degrees back and forward.
  8. Raoul


    Version 1.0.0


    Adjustment screw of pump pressure
  9. Raoul

    In action

    Version 1.0.0


    Example of low pressure
  10. In action Hello, I have a Alex Duetto from 2008. Has been serviced regularly. Although last time was now about 2 years ago. I was considering to start doing more myself. Anyhow I have a low pressure on the brew group. About 4 bar when it is running against a blind cap. Initially when I lifted the brew lever brought it down and lifted it again it would get the right brew pressure. Now it remains a 4 bar. I contact my regular service shop. The adviced me to clean the no return valve and turn the pump OPV 360 degrees back and forward. I did both but still low pressure
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