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  1. What a great grinder - thanks again all. Bella Barista delivered within 24hrs, really good service. It's dialled in ok, still needs some fine adjustment and my technique needs to be slightly cleaner. My wife says I made a mess, but I reckon it's a good espresso!
  2. Many thanks all, Eureka Mignon Specialita is ordered from Bella Barista! I initially missed this as some YouTube videos showed it without the screen and I wanted timed doses - these must have been older versions. I wasn't particularly after a conical, this looks great. Hopefully I'll be sipping on a rather nice espresso from my new kit tomorrow. Thanks again, I was beginning to get very frustrated.
  3. I'm sat here with my new Gaggia Classic Pro and can't grind coffee for it! Can anyone recommend a decent grinder that's available for sub £400? I settled on the Sette 270 which was in my Amazon basket over the weekend for £330 but now that's shot up to £560. There's a 30 available for £366 but seems very pricey for something without the fine adjustment. I then went to another retailer who said they were in stock but weren't. I then went to get a Sage but that went swiftly out of stock and I don't really want to spend £310 via a third party on Amazon. I'm a bit lost! Has anyone got an
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