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  1. OK thanks, will look to ordering new burrs and will also see about having a look at shimming just to see how it's done.
  2. Thank you for your input here : if these existing burrs are worn is it worth a go at shimming them to see if a better match of top and bottom is achievable and might give a better grind? Can either top or bottom set be the one that is shimmed? I already removed the bottom set and the burrs came off no problem - I gave everything a really good clean once this was done.
  3. I gather that it can be tricky to determine whether burrs are worn or not without a new set to compare against. Mine feel pretty sharp but I wonder if achieving a more parallel pairing of top and bottom could significantly impact the grind quality/consistency? When I slowly wound the top set down whilst turning the central bolt, the point where there was audible contact sounded as if it was only a partial area was contacting on the rotation. Is it the bottom or top set I should try shimming to improve the evenness of burr contact ? Not sure if these pics help. <Edit
  4. Cheers, not yet located a guide to performing the single dose mod yet but I'm sure I will and I'll see about getting mind yo perform as it should. Could be the burrs are needing renewed?
  5. Maybe, I messaged the guy on Sunday and went yesterday to get it. Was on fb for £50
  6. Thanks, I'll need to work out how to attach a pic but yeah, it has a large container on the front, about 6" high, with the sliding dosing lever positioned at the rhs.
  7. Quick back story - Used Gaggia Classics for around 15 years paired with Starbucks branded (Delonghi?) burr grinders (I've 2 of these) I mostly drink espressos with the occasional V60 and mokka pot, between 2 and 4 coffees a day. A couple of days ago I spotted a grinder for sale with no branding mentioned but a look at the pictures showed that it was a Mazzer Super Jolly Timer model. Picked it up yesterday for what looks to be well under market price so I was a very happy boy ! Took it home and tested it on some slightly past their best beans (Lidl Espresso Magnifico Arabica/Rob
  8. Hi, I'm from just to the South of the city on the A7. I've just joined up as I've just bought a s/h bargain piced (I hope !) Mazzer Super Jolly to accompany my Gaggia Classic machines that I've used for years. Needing some tips for the Mazzer as it's a big step up from the Delonghi burr machine I've used for a while with decent results.
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