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  1. Maybe it is just motor brushes worn....I had issue with my Vario where it was making louder than normal noise and stopping intermittently. I opened it up and checked belt and toothed gear all seemed fine. Assumed it was motor brushes and needed replacement so took motor off which is easy and then noticed the brushes [can remove from motor] still had fair bit life left on them. I did notice then when examining gear on motor shaft when removed [grub screw] that the grub screw had worn the motor shaft teeth and was actually rotating on the shaft sometimes causing the grating noise and motor to sl
  2. Hi Im interested in attached scales and wondering which supplier /model these scales are and where could find them? Thanks
  3. As above -why not check if suitable position between cupboards as per you tube video example
  4. Located in Ireland, not sure any L1 owners near me yet? ....continue to dream ....
  5. Congrats Doggycam- wish you happy days days ahead with the machine. Nice to see it going to a non lever ower. I [like others I suspect] had envisagened it on my worktop and so now need to fill that space! Guess a few L1's will be purchased out of this competition and my mind is still set on owning an L1.
  6. Juicing has its purpose and is great but as others said smoothies (blender) are great for the fibre as well. I have an omega vert 350 juicer http://www.ukjuicers.com/omega-vert-vrt350-hd-hurom-juicer It is expensive but long warranty and built to last. It is very easy to clean and like the way get maximum juice (dry puck) from fruit and veg. Kids love ice pops made from 100% juice etc. After owning for ~ 1 yr I actually use a blender just as much for smoothies and the juicer is used for adding to smoothie. Overall happy with it but now want a Vitamix to go with it.
  7. Was thinking same... See ~5800 user names registered ( not sure how many active? ) but would only need 1.72% of users to contribute for the required 100 'tickets'. I will go with majority also for increased price of only 1 ticket each but prefer pick a finish date ( if not aleady confirmed?) say next weekend and in interim by all means send email/ or PM to registered users advising reason of raffle for support of site etc but No obligation to purchase. Some people like to view / read certain sections of site and so maybe not aware of raffle or consequently among a multitude of different
  8. 1. Coffeechap 1 ticket £20 2. Bubbajvegas 1 ticket £20 3. DFK41 1 ticket £20 4. RASD4651 1 ticket £20 5. Jollybean 1 ticket £20 6. Sofmonk 1 ticket £20 7. Gangstarrrrr 1 ticket £20 8. Sharkie 1 ticket £20 9. Geordie boy 1 ticket £20 10. Oop north 1 ticket £20 11. Mrboots2u 1 ticket £20 12. michaelg 1 ticket £20 13. working dog £20 14. Neill 1 ticket £20 15. bronc 1 ticket £20 16. rmcgandara 17: reneb 18: Systemic Kid 1 ticket £20 19: Spukey 1 ticket £20 20: D_Evans 1 @ £20 21: geordie-barista 1 ticket £20 22: Yes Row 1 ticket £20
  9. Congrats on purchase, great to see pics of the 'I' with wenge handles . Would like to see more of the setup with your k30 grinder as you have a fabulous setup now! I am envious
  10. Thats great , thanks . I was checking out other brew methods but they need to be easy for other half without too much hassle as she would not have patience for some of the pour overs.
  11. I reckon the current owner/users should be commended on its A1 condition! Top quality accessories also for a bargain. Good luck with sale.
  12. Would one of these be overkill for 2-3 cup use? I have the aeropress for single cup and fancy the set-up and go operation on the Technivorm with only fresh beans required. Just wondering if any issues on basket etc if only using small amount of grinds and so may cause brew flow consistency issues etc. Is there a minimum requirement e.g 30g for 0.5L
  13. thanks for feedback... OK so seems everyone is single dosing rather than loading up the hopper for the weeks consumption.
  14. the general concensus is for roasted beans to be stored in a dark cupboard in an airtight container for freshness.... having recently got my first grinder [the Vario] I am single dosing my coffee in the hopper and experience a popcorn effect with beans hopping all over the place with possible impact on grind consistency? -Currently only doing brewed coffee [specifically aeropress & FP] Whilst single dosing is possibly recommended for ensuring freshness I would be interested in what other people are doing i.e single dose or say full 250g bag into hopper and used within week?
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