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  1. The Neighbourhood Colombian beans above did not disappoint. As it cooled there was a massive hit of rum and raisin. Really very nice!
  2. Also got the Neighbourhood Colombian beans. Can't wait to try them...
  3. I’m looking for a nice decanter just for me so probably no bigger than 650ml. Hario is obviously a go-to choice but are there others I should consider? I think I prefer ones with straight sides rather than the wavy Hario design. Bonavita from HasBean looks nice. I am a bit concerned that a glass decanter may break if using an Aeropress directly into it. It may need to go on the gas hob and so glass handle seems to be a better idea than plastic. I know it’s not really such a big deal but I was persuaded that it looks nicer and can taste better from a decanter. TIA
  4. Yeah...thanks. I saw a couple of YT videos showing how to do this. Seems that after getting the cover off it’s just a case of moving a small screw. Bet I could still cock it up though!
  5. Th Ahhhh....very wise words indeed. Thank you so much. You know that feeling when you think everyone else is doing it right and your just playing about with an approximation of the real deal? As you know for other threads I’m only just mastering my Chemex/V60/Clever Dripper / Roasting techniques. I can only drink so much coffee in a day! You are so right......slow down....enjoy what you already have for now!
  6. In another thread I said I didn’t really drink espresso. Of course this led me to dig out and clean my old Delonghi EC220R. (OK stop laughing now. It was the best I could afford in my previous ignorance all those years ago). So I thought I’d experiment a bit and have a try at an espresso. 15g is what fits in the basket unless I tamp it which makes it choke. Baratza Encore (yes I know it shouldn’t be able to grind fine enough) set at 3. Takes 20 seconds to yield 30g dose. Was drinkable though I don’t really know what a good one tastes like. Now the shops are open I plan
  7. Just tried my Rocko Mountain beans with this recipe.....brilliant! Though I only ended up with half a mug of drink. Now if I wanted a full mug e.g. 300g to drink what dose of coffee and water would I use? My crappy maths suggested 27g of coffee to 300g water but I'm not sure I calculated right. Plus...would I need to increase brew / steep time accordingly?
  8. Rabbit hole is absolutely right there! I mean....this stuff is just flavoured water in the end isn't it?
  9. Glad to have found this thread. First thanks Kid for the excellent video and awesome soundtrack! My question is about timing. I usually have my Baratza Encore set at 18 and use 18g with 300g water. 30 second bloom with a swirl. The pretty much the James Hoffman V60 approach of 60% by 1:15 and the rest by 1:45. My total time tends to be around the 2:30 mark which seems fast to me. The draw down is rather rapid! Although the brew tastes good to me I’m not sure I’m getting the best out of the thing. Not sure there’s much to do except reduce grind size. Although m
  10. First impressions....hmmmmm...not quite as good as I remember and not a patch on Miriam Perez. However I’ll tweak the brew and see what happens.
  11. They've arrived. Time to brew!😁😁😁
  12. Ah...yes you used 225g. I used 300g Force of habit I'm afraid. Damn....I'll just have to have another! 😉
  13. OK done. 300g water 20g coffee (Hasbean El Salvador Finica Las Brumas Washed SL28) Med/course grind Process as above = 240g drink. Total time = 2mins Result:- you were spot on about reducing bitterness. It was a VERY smooth, light and sweet brew with caramel at first becoming more lemony as it cooled. I may tinker with the grind but safe to say that was the best brew I've had out of the thing yet. Thanks for sharing!
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