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  1. I remember watching someone awhile ago saying plastic > glass > ceramic. Mainly their argument is that the ridges in ceramic is shallower comparing to glass and even more so than the plastic version (something to do with the production method/painting techniques). As a result, appearently the filter paper stick onto the side wall and end up with a longer draw down compare to glass and plastic. However, I'm not sure there will be a mark difference with how the coffee taste tho.
  2. Wow if they actually listen and build that, take my money 💰 I think one of francino's have a similar looking group? I might be very wrong tho. @DavecUKloved your review on both the minima and the mara x! now the decision between the two become much harder!
  3. Wait a minute, was that one fb like a week or so ago? It was gone when I msg
  4. thanks for the insight. It is indeed very annoying that I can't visit the shops to actually see these machines in real life as it would definitely help instead of just watching youtube videos. I suppose the minima is within budget and it will be a DB so it really tick most boxes. Although have no idea why but I seems to like the idea of a lever to start the brewing instead of just switch. But I actually really like the look of it with that shaped 'legs'. Maybe I should put it on my list too (although the idea of opening this thread is hoping to narrow down the list instead of extend
  5. I think its called self medicating keep patients asleep while keeping myself awake
  6. Hi, Im a newbie looking to purchase my first espresso machine After lurking the forum for a week or so, with my budget, I am thinking of getting a HX machine. Although I dont think I will be able to immediately adjust temp and all that, overall it seems worthwhile to get one with a PID so that its available for me to play with down the road. List of machine I have in mind: Profitec Pro 500 PID Bezzera magica PID Lalit Mara X izzo vivi PID honourable mention Crem one HX but some post mention its made in china so go right to the bottom on my list As all th
  7. Hi everyone! Being an anaesthetist apparently its mandatory to either like cycling or love coffee or both. being a couch potato, i opt for coffee. Been happily v60ing and syphoning my coffee with my mignon and loving life. Until recently started going down that rabbit hole with espresso...... Been lurking on the forum for a few weeks while deciding on a machine to purchase, loving the vast amount of information available here! p.s seems people give a lot of good review to BB here, is there something similar in Scotland?
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