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  1. From the wand. But then stopped after I cycled the steam and water a half-dozen times. Then yesterday the pumped stopped pumping, it just made a noise. We have bought a De Longhi Dedica Deluxe as my wife didn't want to spend thousands on a Super Automatic. It is a piece of crap, but she is happy. I am going to take it apart when the weather is nicer. Sigh.
  2. Thanks for replying. I flushed it a half-dozen times and the continued steaming stopped. It was still okay this morning.
  3. This the red button model. Machine was recently descaled by another hobbyist. When we got it back it now leaks steam after using. If the machine is on, it will be leaking steam. Pressing the hot water button will stop it steaming, but then shortly after when the water has heated up, it will leak steam again. Other than that it functions normally, but this new behaviour isn't right. Think this might have to do with steam valve? malfunctioning after the recent clean. Any thoughts?
  4. This is the four red button model - a very rare beast. I just had it serviced and descaled and now it continues to steam after use and continues even after it is completely shut off. Not good. While machine is still on: If I press the hot water button after use to see if that helps, it stops steaming, but soon starts blowing steam again - I suppose it is because the water has heated up again. The Web has terrible and inaccurate info on this particular model. I suspect that maybe the descaling has caused something to block the steam valve from fully closing (?). If that i
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