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  1. This is what the Postie brought me on Monday, a Feld47 Travel, Tamper Mat and a set of scales. Due today a couple of Airscape cans filled with Los Altos beans from Origin.
  2. I’ve managed to buy a second that was released on to the site this afternoon. So I am no longer looking.
  3. Thanks, that would have been good. Unfortunately I missed out on them, I wavered for a day and now they are all gone. I will keep checking the site, there is meant to be a new supply in April, so I may get lucky.
  4. Currently without a grinder and would like to source a secondhand Feld47.
  5. FranFal

    June drop

    Blimey these sold quickly. After some sulphurous swearing trying to buy on my phone, I finally got though on my iPad and secured with ApplePay. Now I just have to find a solution to grind beans until a lovely shiny black Niche Zero arrives in June.
  6. Thank you for the great review resources, they really helped explain things and refined our choices down. I will be contacting Black Cat Coffee next week to order the Minima
  7. Thanks for the additional advice, added to the shopping list.
  8. Yup, Falmouth is home, great place. Yallah’s decaf is what we use most of the time already. We also have Olfactory just up the road and several others within striking distance. Beacon Coffee, which is just a short walk away stocks a constantly changing line up. So we’ve got plenty of choice to start with. Hoping the water is soft enough not to have to mess around with bottled water. We have a built in Franke filter on the kitchen taps which has a ceramic filter which is deals with any sediment, so fingers crossed we should be good to go once we pull the trigger on the machine. M
  9. Thanks for the estimate, duly added to the budget - Knock box, tamper, containers for beans, brush to clean the head, jug for milk (I’ve got a thermopen, so that should work OK for tracking the milk temp. What else should i be factoring in a this stage?
  10. Hands up we have been lazy and have relied on BTC machines for the last 10 years or so, but we are now on the machine 2 and this is developing problems. So down the rabbit hole I went and realised that YES I do want better coffee and YES I do occasionally want to have a flat white or other coffee with milk. We have the time to learn the skills and a slightly obsessive bent that could be useful, or (more probably) dangerous to the bank account So I have spent the last week combing through this site, bouncing over to DaveC site, watching DaveC’s videos and some of James Hoffmann’s. My concl
  11. By a Google search when we were having problems with our BTC machine. Down the rabbit hole I went and I have be trawling through the forums searching for information on machines, grinders, etc.
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