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  1. I like that ACS tried something different with the shape and layout, and I can see it functionally being practical as well, I'm just not sure I personally like the looks. Need to see one in the flesh though as that could make a big difference. Not that I'm in the market any more! Is the Bambino a HX machine?
  2. Very nice setup, I'm really liking the smaller sized airscapes too. My friends bought me some for a BD present but they are the larger ones. Still really useful and appreciated though.
  3. BruceB

    Lelit Bianca

    To much time on this forum helping folk! Thanks @DavecUK
  4. Just pulled the first shot that was semi decent (well, it didn't make me gag or wince this time!) Very much enjoying it so far. I've got a few more bits and pieces trickling in over the next few days to round it out that I'm looking forward too (decent coffee scale with a smaller footprint, knock box, pitcher etc). Absolutely no regrets, especially on the Solo as I felt like I was taking a chance there.
  5. BruceB

    Lelit Bianca

    Sorry @DavecUK I should have asked in the last post, if I did a reset of the LCC will that have removed the settings Bella Barista would have setup when they checked the machine? If so I think I can go find them on your write up of the machine and redo them in the advanced menu.
  6. BruceB

    Lelit Bianca

    Perfect! Sorted, I hadn't realised that was a double ended connector, the one underneath the machine was loose. Credit to Bella Barista who I had just contacted once they opened this morning, they were going to arrange collection and replacement with no issue. Thanks @DavecUK for saving a load of hassle!
  7. BruceB

    Lelit Bianca

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has encountered the following issue? I got the bianca a couple of days ago. Filled the tank, pulled a few shots and eventually had to refill (had to refill sooner than usual, but for the first time I'm assuming the service boiler took the lions share initially so not worried) . So duly refilled, went back to pulling a few more shots. Pulled another couple for breakfast yesterday and then another midday. Came down this morning, turned it on bleary eyed and wondered off whilst it warmed up. Came back 30 mins later and noticed the machine
  8. I'd just like to add to this. I've just gone the best part of a year with no espresso machine to practice on and just made a huge investment in some really great kit (or at least in my opinion it is!). I knew that it is unlikely to get a decent shot the first few times out of the machine, but still, when you spend a lot of money the expectation is still there in your head that really, all shots should taste amazing, straight away. I am not an exception to that rule sadly and even knowing that beforehand, I'm hugely disappointed in what I'm pulling from the setup right now. But I know tha
  9. Super nice setup, very clean looking
  10. Excellent, thanks I was wondering how folk do it!
  11. Just wondering if anyone has any advice or can link to good 'how to' guides on how to best shoot espresso shots? Really I'm just wanting to track how I'm doing over time, and yes, I want to enjoy re-watching a decent extraction on a bottemless portafilter! After trying for the first time today with just my phone I'm thinking there must be an easier way. Ideally I'd rather not spend any more money just at the moment
  12. Many thanks for that, I suspect that is likely where the issue lies so I will play around with that. I need to find a coffee I like and stick with it a while too. Right now I think I have 5 different bags from various purchases and trades! Far too many to play around with effectively. Still better than none It is, my Sette jammed and I finally had enough of the whole break and fix, the hand grinder was originally for camping but got pressed into service again until I picked up the grinder! As to the setup... I may have to negotiate with my better half to keep what I've done lol
  13. Finally have an espresso machine again! Picked up the Bianca and Solo from Bella Barista today, and I'm now massively over caffeinated after playing with it. I've been using espresso machines for years (Silvia then Cellini) but first time with a bottomless portafilter, and boy, does my tamping technique need some work, but a lot of fun none the less! The Learner plate on the fridge is apt! So many variables to play with now it's a touch mind boggling. I love the combination though and exceptionally pleased with the Solo so far (seems like a big jump from the Sette 270W I had previously)
  14. I never managed to visit there, air fares are so expensive for internal flights. It was the same price to fly to the UK or a week long holiday in Mexico!
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