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  1. Thanks for clearing that up 👍 I’ve never been able to fully close the flow valve thinking full range on the paddle was needed. Should make life a bit easier
  2. It looks like it’s just some condensation finding it’s way over the plastic cup. Could be fixed with some sort or gasket perhaps 🤷‍♂️ could I also pick your brains about the Bianca’s paddle adjustment tutorial please.... Once adjusted , my paddle is either touching the machine in the closed position but not fully closing the flow valve. Or, the flow valve fully closed but stopping the paddle from touching the machine for a full range of motion. The paddle only seems to drop over the spindle every 20° or so. Is there any way to make a finer adjustment? Thanks
  3. Has anyone done a comparison in grind quality between a solo and the new’ish mignon XL with 64mm burrs?
  4. I’ve just plumbed in the Bianca’s drip tray using the supplied clear hose. Any water that’s poured straight into the black plastic catchment cup is drained away quickly so I’m happy the drain line can keep up in normal use. With the drip dray in place (and making sure it’s all level) theres still some leaking. I can’t see visually what’s going on but guessing as the flow slows down, some water is pooling under the tray and finding itself on the worktop rather than in the drainage cup. Does anyone know what’s going on and how to fix it? Is there a part that I’m missing that wo
  5. Item no longer available . Admin please remove post
  6. I’ll also take two for 16 if there still any left
  7. On the look out if anyone has one surplus to requirements. cheers
  8. The magnets are quite strong and clip the two parts firmly into position with a snap. There is also a slight twisting motion as the parts line up. It’s been well looked after but found those marks unavoidable with normal use. Cheers
  9. Afternoon all, looking into getting this filter to feed an espresso machine, and the possibility of branching off to a drinking water tap. Can anyone vouch for the taste of this filter water for drinking straight? I’m wondering if the added magnesium would make it unpleasant ... or unhealthy ? There also seems to be mixed opinions about the safety of drinking water with added magnesium. On one had it can kill you, on the other has lots of health benefits. A bit like potatoes I suppose 🤷‍♂️
  10. Payment received from @lake_m, admin please move to sold
  11. I found a lot more power and control using the single hole tip. It’s also easier to get a decent microfoam with a larger quantity of milk. Uk distribution for bellman is a guy who sells them through eBay. It was returned to him as there was a slight stream of steam when the tap was closed. It’s had new seals now and is spot on. The tip was made by another guy from Germany who makes single hole pavoni tips, also on eBay. He bought special tooling to make it so could produce them easy enough now. Will route out his seller name
  12. Ok great , moving to PM . Sorry for any delayed replies today. I’m in and out of work
  13. Comes with the hard shell carry case all accessories supplied from iZpresso. No dings or deep scratches just very light marks at the contact points from normal careful use. Its only been used for 3/4kg of beans. Although thoroughly cleaned, I have not stripped it down completely so the grinder would will be delivered with seasoned burrs. Great hand grinder with fine adjustment increments and quality grounds from the Italmil burrs. looking for £150 delivered by Royal Mail signed for
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