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  1. Cheers for ref regards Golden Box - I’ve been a bit of a marketeers dream and been tempted in by shop fronts rather than content of the roasters. Will shift focus! all the best and look forward to the journey
  2. Cheers man - appreciate the insight regards sponsors. Still learning my way around so guidance appreciated. I’m in NE3, so north of the Wall and River... perhaps I’d best not mention I was born in Hartlepool eh? looking forward to getting to know you and rest of the forum!
  3. Hello CFUK - jms here, living in Gosforth in Newcastle Since lockdown, I’ve been working from home and missing the great city centre espressos (for the locals - office is between Laneway & Co and Pink Lane). It’s slowly dawned on me in the past six months that I could be doing it myself.... and that the old DeLonghi/pressure basket/Lavazza Rossa combo I use to wake myself up in the morning isn’t going to cut it. The way in which I learn is trial and error - I know fine well my first machine/grinder/peripherals setup won’t be my last, but I’ll use it to learn the variables. (Predic
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