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  1. So just to add the service by option-o has been legendary. I tried to change my burrs but a screw in the top carrier was stuck. I spoke to them and they told me to use force and if there was an issue they would replace the top burr carrier. Popped it in a vice and turns out the screw was stripped and the hole wasn’t quite right. Sent some photos and within 1 week a new carrier arrived!! Great fast communication the whole time. I’m about to try the different burrs out. 😊
  2. I got mine in the post the other day yet to fit and compare them! Still loving the grinder just need to get the sage upgraded to the Eagle One!
  3. Awesome 😎 how are you finding it?
  4. Static is not an issue for me now with this grinder. I ran a batch brew through with no RDT, same again about lunch made myself a lovely flat white no RDT both times no static issues on the grinder, none to note in the way of retention, possibly .1 of a gram. If I am picky there was a little in the batch brew dosing cup but such a small amount. This grinder is more than competent at going between the two methods. I was getting nice fruity notes from the batch brew. The espresso tasted pretty much like the one I had in kaffine with the same beans. Very happy!
  5. That sucks, I’m gutted for you! You’ll forget all about it once it arrives and your using it. Im still loving mine, filter is amazing and I can get some really good shots of espresso but I am still struggling with consistency from the Sage BE. Once you’ve paired it up the the Eagle you’ll be in coffee heaven. I can’t wait to try and run some ultra light roasted coffee through from Mabo. Looking forward to having the house done so I can justify the Eagle.
  6. So my update from the first few days of use General Workflow: Turn grinder on and adjust motor speed and grind setting to desired location and turn off. Weigh out beans in to the appropriate cup and give em a little spritz Load up the bean chute and turn the grinder on, whilst holding the dosing up as close to the exit chute as possible Once the main grind has completed give the bean chute a few taps with the flat of my palm to sorta create a vacuum and get rid of any excess in the grinder. Turn off and put grinds into Chemex or porta filter. Niggles It is a little messy, maybe it is static but no matter what I do I always have to give the side and grinder a little wipe after use to clear up some grounds. When grinding I tend to hold the thing I am grinding into rather than use the pitch forks, i do this to reduce mess. Not to much of an issue as it is minimal, I could let it build up and do a daily wipe but I try to stay on top of things seen as she is so pretty This is more my workflow issue but I have a dosing cup to fit my 53mm Sage BE (will be upgrading soon), plus the ketchup cup that comes with it that I weigh into, plus the main dosing cup that comes with the grinder. The issue is the ketchup cup that comes with it is not big enough to hold my brew dose (28g) so I have to use my sage cup and the main dosing cup for batch, then the ketchup cup and my sage dosing cup for espresso. Just more stuff and accessories to find homes / side space for And more mental gymnastics to work out which cups I need to use per thing. Maybe I am over spritzing but sometimes a bean will be stuck on the safety plate and I have to give it a nudge to fall into the grinder! Things I love: Looks fantastic Repeatable results I can go between my brew grind settings and my espresso settings without fear or having to grind that little bit extra before. Easier to dial in the espresso than using the inbuilt grinder on the sage, I can fine tune the setting rather than some large step that I have to choose between on the sage. Coffee taste is superb, I am picking out the notes more easy, for example I am sure my last chemex I was drinking hot apple juice not coffee! Overall : Very happy, really enjoying the grinder I was a little concerned that the RDT step would be a bit much for me and I would find it a chore but I quite enjoy giving the beans a little spritz and a shake. Feels like something that is built to last. At some point soon I will be doing a Niche Zero, Lagom side my side, my fiance's brother has a Niche and said he'd bring it round at some point for us to compare
  7. So from my first chemex (trying not to get too caffeinated whilst sampling ahh) there was a fair bit of chaff visible in the grind (I’ll take a picture later) but it wasn’t static and didn’t make a mess. I am planning on using it for both filter and espresso, I like a chemex in the morning as I have an ottomatic so I can sleepily make a pretty good coffee in the morning. Once awake I move onto espressos / flat whites. So I’ll be switching between the two! I have some coffee collective and Obadiah to go through First impressions very happy with both filter and espresso results and tasty coffee!
  8. Very I’ve only had time to make a Chemex pretty impressed tastes amazing. Very little static I did use the RDT tool and gave them a little spritz. It’s quiet and I really enjoyed the workflow / experience. Used the quick start guide as a basepoint speed 3 and -6 from the zero point. I went for the SSP Unimodal. The SSP high uniformity will be delivered once OPTION-O get hold of them.
  9. Any update on your tracker? Fingers crossed for yours too!
  10. It’s estimated delivery between 12:30 and 16:30 now today. It left my local UPS depo at 7:30 this morning. It’s coming home 😁
  11. It’s in Dubai apparently, it started in Hong Kong last night!
  12. Messaged Option-O they said it’s a mistake and to pay the fees then they will refund me. Can’t wait!
  13. Great News, Intrestingly I had an email from UPS and this morning I had an email from Option-O saying it had been shipped. The only issue is UPS says I need to pay import duties of £54, but I picked the prepay duties option. It says scheduled delivery day on Monday!! Hope yours turns up real quick!
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