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  1. Agreed, the BE is a great little machine, I have had some great shots out of it. I do find however it is inconsistent, not sure if it is me or the machine. I think it could be the grinder hence the Lagom, as I can run a shot on the same grind settings and get two massively different shot times. That is using the same beans going for 18 in 36 out. One shot after another, that is single dosing it! Not discluding the theory it could be my puck prep 😁
  2. Is that also some Webber bean cellars I spy in the background....
  3. Nice one little envious The eagle and Lagom is my end game, got the Lagom on order! Currently got the BE some point in the future when the house accounts department approves the Eagle will be ordered. I’ll be interested to see how you find the paring.
  4. @DavecUK Nope they are finalising it still I have been added to the notification list! I think I’ll stick with the p64 as I can’t wait that long, too excited.
  5. I have had a little update on the p100 probably July/August launch! On another note don’t know why I am ordering a p64 somehow just managed to pull a near perfect shot (for my tastes) on my BE... must of been a fluke.
  6. I am one of those souls with a P64 on order, I am at a little bit of an in decision. However there is one thing, the other half gave her sign of approval at the aesthetic and size of the p64. She doesn’t drink coffee so it has to look good too 😄. I did look at the Niche and other cheaper options but none looked nice enough! We are about to do a huge house renovation soon so it’s gotta match the kitchen. When I talk about getting a new coffee machine it has to look good as well, fortunately I am very lucky she only likes the look of the Linea Mini or the Eagle One..... I would be
  7. So the update is, that page wasn’t supposed to be live yet, the price is yet to be confirmed but it will be more than the P64 due to the cost of larger burrs and overall size. The Launch is (soon). So not much more news unfortunately. Personally I am very excited for it and can’t wait for more information!
  8. I have asked this in my email, what will the price be and when will the launch date be. My order for the P64 is mid may dispatch, if the 100 is coming out shortly after I might be tempted to switch depending on price!
  9. Just seen this lagom-p100, I have sent an email to ask more information.
  10. Hahaha I don’t quite split them in half sometimes I try to pick a smaller bean out to get it closer to the 18g for a single dose. I also appreciate obviously we have different brew methods which require different typical dosing etc. It was a sleepy morning thought as I had 15g left from one roaster and my next bag was a completely different roaster so I was at a cross roads as what to do. I ended up mixing and hoping for the best 😂
  11. Very true I had a few escapees this morning! 😂
  12. A little question, maybe I am simple minded but given a standard dose for coffee is 18g why do roasters make 250g bags? That does round to a nice even dose 13.89 shots is what I make it! I understand we don’t all have zero retention grinders, etc but I normally have leftovers. What do you folk do with the leftover beans at the end? Mix up with some from your next bag?
  13. Lagom P-64 order for myself as well, mid-may dispatch, gone for both burr types. I am trying to pretend it will not arrive till early June so I don't get too excited.
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