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  1. Just put a Torr and a Pullman in the valuations as I'm not sure what they would sell at. Might be of interest to you.
  2. Got a couple of tampers that I want to move on. Not sure of the value? Pullman nearly new. Torr seen some use. No dents or damage on either. TORR weighs 485g 58.4mm diameter PULLMAN weighs 422g 58.35mm diameter
  3. @Jony That's it in a nutshell! I've looked at the Vesuvious as a contender and I'm sure it does a great job, and well made etc but aesthetically It looks a bit of a lump where as (in my view). Without even mentioning the paddle system (I just did) The Bianca looks good and has some very nice touches, I like the wood, the extra steam tip, smaller footprint, 58.5 metal tamper, bottomless portafilter...It actually has a lot of things to be found on more expensive machines like the rotary pump, PID etc. Some of them little things I agree but they all add up and I think it will make their competitors a little bit twitchy.. also a trip to Bella Barista to try it out might be nice. @DavecUK has produced some very informative videos detailing the technical stuff where attention to detail stood out to me which also has swayed my thoughts... they are not quite a Netflix box set I grant you but they could catch on!?
  4. I love the Lelit Bianca and I am seriously considering buying one... pound for pound I'm not sure there is much better out there? I've yet to see a bad review and everyone that has tried/bought one seems to be really impressed with what they have!
  5. russe11

    Classic pump

    @Gilly https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ULKA-EP5-Water-Pump-48W-220-230V-DELONGHI-EAM-ESAM-COFFEE-ESPRESSO-MACHINE/131567474662 £11.39
  6. @MWJBMy point is why don't people try helping themselves first? There is so much information out there there is no excuse for not being able to learn the basics before clicking on here first because they cant be bothered to look... once THEY know what they are talking about it helps the people trying to help them. To come on the forum having made one espresso and saying HELP is a bit lazy... But that's my own personal opinion, you may not agree with it..
  7. Or in future when you are given an address that's not a link you just highlight it then right click on it then it says go to www.whatever..
  8. There's a million video's and web pages documenting how to attempt making an espresso... swot up for a bit.
  9. Try researching, follow the videos and try making a few espresso's then you can start asking questions... Supermarket beans are ok to practice with but you need the basic skills... learn the basics then we can help...
  10. I'm sure it will go for a bargain price... I can feel it in my water!
  11. All depends how much you can sell the grinder for! Or how many people bid or how high they bid.. over the next 9 days and 20 hours 14 minutes
  12. So if it finishes at £1000 that's a bargain? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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