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  1. It will most likely be from over tightening and it is not just a case of a new washer as it does not have a washer. If your lucky a descale can slightly improve things, more often than not It needs replacing..
  2. @Mouzone loosen/undo the two screws and worm drive will move away from cog..
  3. @MissyDissy If you have unscrewed the whole assembly when cleaning you probably have the silver adjustment ring that screws into the brass ring too far open... when it is screwed in from memory there are about 1-2 threads showing above brass ring when screwed almost fully into brass ring. At that point you can manually spin the burrs so they are touching then back off a bit, then use you red factory marks to line up. Watch this video it may give you some idea.
  4. On the bottom should be a sticker with the model name and year of manufacture.. don't think it's a Cubika. The case looks like a Classic size but bit different if that makes sense? The internals look as thou they are same as Gaggia Coffee which is the cheaper version without valve which several versions are the same, evolution, Coffee etc.. The on/off buttons look unusual, that may be where the Italian market bit relates? Not seen those buttons on anything from UK
  5. The Salt Path by Raynor Winn... Very inspiring book.. Amazing courage and as the story unfolds you see their characters developing in their attempt to cope with what life is throwing at them...
  6. https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/pdf/AndrejaPremiumcloserlookv6.pdf
  7. I have a grinder that you may be interested in and I live in Bristol... I'll PM my phone number and some details Cheers Russell
  8. Thanks Iwan @MildredM Both sold thank you.. good news about hubby by the way
  9. Hi @Iwan Welcome to the forum.. just a tip on how it's meant to work, not really talking about my tamper but in general if you express an interest in a "for sale" item with no concrete offer someone can beat you to the item buy offering the asking price. If you offer something less than asking price its the same... someone can offer full price and beat you to it. Hope It makes sense?
  10. Yes still available.. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  11. As for value not really sure? It's nice thou.. In a brass coal scuttle sort of way
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