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  1. Update: Over 40 payments received already Looks like this could be drawn before the weekend! Will update tomorrow Thank you to all who have paid or assisted others
  2. I will send the details through as they should not be shared on the forum
  3. Payment details have been sent out Thank you and Good Luck to everyone who has entered!!
  4. Please welcome our newest mikas Thank you for supporting Coffee Forums UK
  5. Massive thanks to kennyboy993 for becoming a Next step = 2000 Club! We truly value your support
  6. Please give a warm round of applause to Matt B who became a and Thank you Matt - great to see we are adding value
  7. Congratulations to both Jason1wood and joey24dirt for reaching 2000 and 5000 club status Badges now assigned
  8. Today's Google Doodle is all about Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, the godfather of caffeine Read all about him here
  9. Glenn


    Please list items and prices in order to use the For Sale section of the site
  10. Massive thank you to Syenitic for swapping out for Already proudly displaying too We truly appreciate your support
  11. I do hope so May need to be a public day this year...
  12. Please give a huge round of applause to Phil104 , a and 5 year member who has become a Phil is one of the nicest people you can ever meet in real life and I cherish spending time with him at festivals and events Thank you so much for your continued support!
  13. Thank you to catpuccino for becoming a in the quest to make a purrfect coffee
  14. Welcome DanB as a Great to see we're helping keep you caffeinated
  15. Thank you to Markk for generously supporting CFUK Your badge is now assigned Maybe see you Saturday for a coffee?
  16. It's always Beeroclock,and now you can celebrate with a and Thank you so much for your support
  17. Super huge thank you to the_partisan, who has flown under the radar since 2016 and is now a and
  18. Welcome glaut - first badge assigned - We truly value your support
  19. Massive thank you to 6 year member frustin for upgrading to Thank you for your ongoing support
  20. Please refer to the advertising guidelines and prices and contact me to discuss
  21. Thank you to Jimbojohn55 for joining the club Honoured to have you aboard
  22. Truly humbled by the generosity of The Systemic Kid who has become a , having collected nearly all the badges on offer Patrick gives up a lot of his time to help keep CFUK ticking over Thank you so much for your support
  23. Thank you to 8 year member Greenpotterer who has become a A long time , hats off to you sir!
  24. From a commercial perspective they are a major player. Their focus has not usually been the home market - as this was too small and has really only grown in the past 10 years. Wind back the clocks to 2008 and the machine people aspired to was a Rancilio Silvia (as most started out with Delonghi or Gaggia - not even the Classic!)
  25. Thank you to Jason1wood - a veteran member of 7 years who has swapped out for and was already a . Creeping up towards 2000 Club also. Thank you for your generosity
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