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  1. How are you finding the Opera? I've always wanted to get more hands on time on one (thank I already have) - but they seem to be in pieces when I'm nearby...
  2. Marko knows his stuff. The whole team is great. Glad you got sorted.
  3. Glenn

    Member Map

    We're looking to integrate some dynamic elements into the forum soon that are not limited by vBulletin (the forum software) constraints. Member maps will return for sure, an we are looking at integrating roasters too.
  4. Many thanks to gwing for becoming a within the first month. Great to have you onboard.
  5. Thank you to Norvin for a donation following Aluminium hopper sales. We really appreciate your ongoing support!
  6. Thread made sticky - always good to have a reminder from time to time
  7. Glenn

    Malabar Gold

    Monsooned Malabar is pretty easy to come by Malabar Gold appears to be a trademark - josumacoffee seems to pop up as distributor for this Not heard of it here in the UK
  8. Old thread. BongoSteve hasn't logged in since 2013
  9. As always a case of buyer beware Not stating anything dodgy is happening - just that things can go wrong This was not run as a Group Buy and therefore no remediation assistance will be offered should things not work out
  10. Welcome Nate and Becky Lots of current and aspiring roasters here on the forum to network with
  11. Enjoy your new DB You'll be caffeinated for years to come!
  12. But which Monday? There's 15 of them between us and Christmas (maybe 16 or more for the Outer Hebrides...)
  13. Well done @Rhys I'll be sorting out #12roasterschallenge participants with a little something in December
  14. Glenn

    Brown bear

    I had a Brown Bear coffee recently... This one was in the Pyrenees last month.
  15. Thanks all. Keep an eye on the For Sale section in early September if you're in the market for an Alex Duetto
  16. Please give LukeT a huge thank you for becoming a and on the 3rd day of being a member!
  17. Sounds like a 'lack of grinder' problem to me Coffee starts to stale the minute it is ground Within a few minutes its dull and lifeless
  18. I'm thinking of offering up for sale my 2013 Izzo Alex Duetto Mk IV Espresso Coffee Machine in September. It has been serviced twice by Bella Barista (most recently in early 2017) and only ever had Volvic bottled water run through it. Seals have been replaced recently too, and the comments when I picked up the machine from servicing were 'I have not seen a machine of this age in such good condition' I have a figure in mind that I would let it go for and wanted to sense check it against your valuations.
  19. @The Systemic Kid will be able to update us on progress
  20. Update: 06Aug We are in contact with the plugin developer and have provided details in order to obtain a quotation for bespoke development, as the plugin in its current form does not do exactly what was intended. Once this process has been concluded I will advise if the development will go ahead or not In the interim the section has been removed from navigation menus
  21. Are you talking about the steam boiler or espresso boiler? What machine?
  22. They are made differently In the right hands they both make great coffee - however, the 2015 and onwards models are not able to be adjusted to the same degree as the pre-2015 models I owned one, that by the time I sold it was well over 10 years old, and to my knowledge is still going strong.
  23. Details here - the Niche Coffee team will be along to answer questions shortly too
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