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  1. Price shown is for 4 Temptags (1 sheet) We do not sell individual Temptags
  2. I'd like to personally thank Fatboyslim and Daren for managing LSOL for the past couple of years. Fatboyslim would like to step down as co-administrator of this and the criteria for the new applicant is below If you fit the criteria and would like to have a go at running LSOL please send a private message to @fatboyslim and @Daren with a very brief note on why you want to run it. Glenn
  3. Glenn

    Coffee car

    All above board. I stated my intention to visit in the other thread.
  4. Glenn

    Coffee car

    Now sold (to me) Thanks for hosting us Mick. Pleasure meeting you and family today
  5. Pleased to confirm Mick and I are in dialogue. I will be visiting this weekend.
  6. Glenn

    Kinu M47

    Thank you for the open reply.
  7. Humans paid to create logins and post get around security systems in place
  8. They're still out there in the speciality coffee market - predominantly as components of blends Also quite common in pod / capsule and single origin supermarket coffee It (very generically) seems to be roasted darker than most, and the UK in particular moved towards lighter roasting styles in the past 10 years
  9. Great to see you back again Rod
  10. We're offering FREE Postage on TempTags during June (or until stocks run out) What is a TempTago ? TempTag is a sticker designed to give an instant indication when milk is at its optimum serving temperature for preparing milk-based coffees. A fundamental part of serving great coffee is consistency. The precision of the TempTag allows the user to serve coffee at a perfect temperature every time. Unlike traditional thermometers, TempTag has no direct contact with milk once applied to the milk pitcher correctly. This eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination as well as promoting hygiene. Once the milk reaches the ideal temperature, the colour will react, giving an instant indication that the milk is ready to be served. TempTag’s patented technology has been developed for full cream and skim milk, while another has been specially developed for soy milk. Hygienic - Consistent - Precise Your TempTag has no contact with the milk. Using thermochromic science you'll get an instant, 100% accurate reaction for between 3 - 6 months (depending on usage) With 4 stickers per sheet, you have up to 2 years of hassle-free milk steaming 3 TempTag Sticker Types Both the Brown and Cream colour stickers react at 65c The Soy (Red) stickers react at 58c Despite the wording Full Cream (Brown colour) and Skim (Cream colour) on the sheet of 4 stickers, they react at the same time with both types of milk Purchase from https://www.freewebstore.org/temptag-uk
  11. Are you getting hot water through the machine? Have you tried the Manual Fill process and / or Flushed the boiler?
  12. Huge Congratulations to Dan Fellows (Origin Coffee) for retaining is World Coffee In Good Spirits title in Berlin today image credit: https://www.facebook.com/origincoffeeroasters/
  13. @MildredM Special permission were added for you to be able to do that on the old software. Most members had the standard 5 mins editing capability. @grumpydaddy What length of time would you suggest?
  14. Bottom right corner - Mark site read
  15. @Tait will update the criteria. I understand there could be an additional requirement of a recent post
  16. Resolving this matter will be Tait's focus over the next few days It will be prioritised above other bug fixes as it is causing the most frustration
  17. The transition of ownership took place over a 12 month period (since June / July 2017) and since July 2018 the forum has been wholly owned by Jackson Lockhart. The team are committed to growing the forum and to retaining its community feel. There were a number of offers made for the forum in 2016/2017 and Tait & Adam's offer was chosen based on their passion to nurture and continue to invest in the wonderful community that has evolved in the past 11 years. Had the forum upgrade not taken the path it has then I doubt most regular members would have cause for concern, and most would not have noticed the change of ownership. I know Tait has been spending a disproportionate amount of time bug fixing and listening to members concerns - at the expense of his full-time businesses. He and Adam are fully committed to resolving as many items as swiftly as possible and I can only hope that a little space is given to them to manage this.
  18. Giro d'Italia too - although watching the final stage today...
  19. Not that I have found. You can go as granular as Topic but not the Posts title only. It seems that all new posts are shown in the list
  20. Worth feeding the info back to the Foundry team as I'm sure you're not alone in your thoughts.
  21. What browser and version are you using ajohn? Which Theme are you using also?
  22. @thesmileyone @grumpydaddy If you haven't already done so, I'd recommend engaging directly with @Tait to share your concerns. He's very approachable and takes onboard concerns raised constructively. Although he is not publicly visible as often as desired (by some members), there is plenty of activity taking place behind the scenes to configure the forum to the wishes of the members. In the past 22 months since Tait / Adam came onboard they have been instrumental in keeping Coffee Forums online and fairly trouble-free (technically. There are likely to be further speedbumps to navigate in the coming months but these cannot be overcome unless there is constructive conversations taking place.
  23. @xpresso you can tag @Tait to receive a notification
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