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  1. Glenn

    Too much for me

    That's so funny @iroko. Its been several years since the new skin was applied
  2. The 1980's just called - they'd like their coffee back please @Rhys
  3. Glenn

    Too much for me

    Also the Hamburger reveals more menus
  4. Go to the Hamburger and select Activity or New Posts
  5. Glenn

    Too much for me

    The best place to leave suggestions or propose / discuss changes is the thread below which is being monitored and improvements made off the back of that
  6. Glenn

    Too much for me

    That view also shown on mobile browsers @ashcroc Under Number 2 there is a Show Filters feature and you can set your preferences there. Without testing on your browser I do not know if they will stick.
  7. Did you save as a new stream then refer to that under My Activity Streams? The workaround I have found is to set a Custom Activity Search and use that. @Tait may be able to set a default. I'm not familiar with the config so unable to comment.
  8. The post immediately previous to yours addresses this
  9. Tait is still working on getting Tapatalk installed When on the New Posts page if you click the circle to the left of the thread title it will take you to the First Unread Post
  10. Bringing @Tait into the conversation to investigate
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