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  1. Hi guys, as some of you asked, we recorded a video with a close up to the tablet. We have been testing a new algorithm to have a smooth transition from steps, in this case a flow to pressure test.
  2. You are comparing the price of two machines that are totally different. One is for making traditional coffee, the other is for making coffee with pressure/flow profiling and modifying many other parameters, along with customized software adaptable to tablets and mobiles. Therefore, it is up to the end user to decide which type of machine he wants to have. You can buy the base machine at the price you indicate us (which is not the same price we are paying) and make all the necessary modifications and certifications for its sale and thus obtain the final machine we are selling.
  3. Hi guys,there are only 24 hours left before our launch on Kickstarter and we have 239 followers, that is amazing!!We wanted to upload a video showing declining pressure profiling and here it is: @DavecUK @Giampiero We will post a video with a close up of the tablet 👍
  4. The flow video shows both at the beginning and during the coffee shot the flow steps to which the machine is adjusting. We have three lines: Green for pressure Blue for flow Orange for weightrate If you pay attention to the video and the graphs you can see how the dotted line is the desired flow and the solid line is the actual flow. If you have more questions about the basic profiles you can watch our video on the youtube channel or in this thread where we talk about the basic profiles. During the Kickstarter campaign we will continue to upload videos.
  5. During our audit by the consultancy, if they detect that this could be a problem, we will solve it in the optimal way. If it is by means of a direct connection to the machine by cable, avoiding that hot water can be poured, we will have no problem in doing it.
  6. Thanks so much for your support!! Hello, We are going to make a video of steaming milk with a thermometer to see the temperature during the process. We will also make a video of a shot where the accuracy between the scale and the value set in the profile is shown. The flow is measured as the water that drives the pump to the puck and is adjusted in real time based on an algorithm (flow profiling consists of that). Our machine can work with or without a tablet. It is allowed to save a predefined profile and use only the physical buttons without tablet and scale co
  7. We have only two "marketing videos" We invite you to check all the 9 videos without edit on our YouTube channel where we show our prototype working with different profiles or if you prefer you can check this thread, because we posted all here. You can see the difference in the milk before steaming the milk and the result, just check the complete video. We will make another video with a thermometer.
  8. Check out our new video: The perfect shot Thank you all for your support on Kickstarter, we are already 233 supporters!
  9. Some of you have asked us for a video steaming milk, here it is! 💨 @dfk41 @MediumRoastSteam
  10. It's time for a double Italian espresso, we used a pressure-based recipe, check it out 😉
  11. We will record some and upload them during the following days 👌
  12. We have been doing some testing with advanced profiles, using different grind and beans. Here is a video of a shot 🤠
  13. Hi guys!! Check out our new video talking about our advanced profiles We will upload a video steaming milk!! But our latte art is not good enough 😆😅
  14. Hi guys, We just announced the kits and the price!! Thank you all for your support on Kickstarter, we are already 189 supporters! We thought we should include everything you need in the kit to start making good quality espresso!!
  15. Yes, every machine includes a preset of default profiles. But if you want more profiles, you can go to our built-in community, where everyone can share their profiles, discuss and rate others profiles. Just click on download the profile you want and it will be imported automatically to your tablet(of course you need Wifi connection but is something optional) 👌 Thanks for supporting us!
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