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  1. Hi, thanks that’s a great help! I will check his mod out! And that makes sense, I will look into doing that aswell... thank you
  2. I am looking to build a cooling tray for my roasting. I was thinking of attaching a colander to a bucket and putting a air bed blower into the side of the bucket. has anyone else done anything like this? any tips?
  3. joe82675


    I am looking into blends for espresso and filter and was looking for any tips or advice. I have a gene cafe cbr-101. Cheers
  4. Hi all, I have had my Gene cafe CBR-101 for about 3 months now. I was looking for a easy way to get a bean mass probe inside and to be able to connect it to something like artisan. I have been looking all over and have found loads pf solutions with older posts and links not valid. I didnt know if anyone had a quick and easy solution for this, or any solution. Also I was looking at the dimmer mod and could not really understand why it was so important and so fear I am missing something as to why you would do it. Also if anyone has any advice on setup or any tips feel free to let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers.
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