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  1. So when i first turn on the machine, regardless of how hot the machine is, the first shot's pressure will always go to 11 bars. Regardless of blind or normal filter basket. Once the pressure hits 11, it will slowly decrease to the set pressure (in this case 9 bars). The second and subsequent shots will then be normal. If i leave the machine for about an hour, the same thing happens again. I feel like the OPV might be sticky, and after the first shot its loosened and goes back to normal, and after a while, it goes back to being sticky again. Thoughts suggestions? I asked my seller and he's
  2. No the water i use is not that hard at all, about 64ppm. I use filtered tap water. In eco mode, no difference, pressure still goes up to 11 bars even with the steam boiler off. Side note, the steam tap valve was found to be faulty and replaced, steam is great now. Pressure problem remains):
  3. Oh that hissing in the background is someone else using the sink. Hmm i've never tried it in eco mode. Let me get back to you on that. On a sidenote, the steam that came out of my machine this morning is less powerful than before. Dont know why but it took twice as long to heat milk, and haven't changed anything from last night. Checked the wand for any clogs but its clean. Temperature shows 140degs while steaming constantly with the valve full open, but the steam pressure is definitely less than what it was.
  4. Hi Dave, I have tried adjusting it to about 9.5bars like you said. Left it for a while and when i came back, same issue. Goes to 11-12bars on the first shot. Subsequent shots are 9-9.5bars. Could it be i have a faulty expansion valve?
  5. I've had my Elizabeth for around 2 months and about a week ago, the pressure on my machine started to spike up to 11-12 bars before slowly dropping back to 10 (factory default) during the first shot of the day. I've tried it with the blind and the results are the same. So if i were to try to backflush using the blind on the first shot, the pressure spikes to 11-12bars and very slowly decreases. After 5 seconds i turn off and on the pump again, it goes to 11 and slowly decreases yet again. The subsequent shots however, go to the default 10 bars. Any ideas? Is it an OPV problem or something that
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