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  1. Oh that’ll teach me for not reading all the replies LOL! Great I’m glad it’s sorted!!!
  2. I’d eat my hat if it’s the bearing! The motors are bomb proof!! Your warranty is fine if you take of the top burr holder to inspect it. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a bit of bean or stone caught in there! if it’s one of mine I can get it back for inspection and rebuild if you want?
  3. No worries. On the upside It'll arrive back working better than new 🥰
  4. Anytime. I'm here to keep the burrs whirring! 👍
  5. Hi there, No tricks or tips I am afraid - aside from the usual plug on and fuse OK checks! It needs a replacement PCB, these come as the complete base of the grinder so it's replacing the capacitor, switch etc all at once. Really straight forward to fit. Oh and you can buy a 220 one to remove the need for the step down converter! In stock and £44.78 + P&P but may be able to get one closer to home for a little less. Take a look!
  6. It’s a touch low. 1.2g/s is the expected speed with a reasonable tamp. Your speed is too slow if you’re applying a full 15kg tamp, but if you’re just kissing it then it sounds about right. The incorrect burrs fitted to a handful of specialists run at around 0.6g/s so my immediate thought is that you’re probably not in that camp. I can confirm either way with a serial number if you’d like that peace of mind. further the grind is really inconsistent on the bad blades as they struggle to draw in whole beans due to a soft opening, akin to trying to brew blades. happy to help
  7. Yes they have! Sorry for not replying earlier there’s next to no spare time on Mondays at the moment! let us know when they’ve arrived and most importantly been installed!
  8. Or actually just order and ask them to ensure you’re getting a serial number starting PH00121 and you’ll 100% be fine.
  9. the batch effected was part of shipments delivered in December/January so ordering from someone like BB who will have turned over their stock at least once since then you will be fine! I’m happy to test and report one if you can allow a few extra days for delivery. But I’m not as cheap as the others. Given BB after sales I wouldn’t hesitate but if you need that extra peace of mind you’re welcome.
  10. Oh right okay I’ve now noticed I only read the last paragraph of the above and completely missed it was the decision between a specialita and an XL! this is a hard one I can’t answer for you. But the issue is not the grinder it’s you. In a nice way! - will it play on your mind if you have a 55 that the 65 exists (it didn’t until recently and no one mentioned wanting a 65mm mignon) - is your palate able to pick out the really detailed and complex features in the coffee you drink - have you reached a point of near perfect consistency elsewhere. Or do you see yourself getting h
  11. Oh and I’m not privy to how eureka measure it but the true way to measure retention is with volume from a cleaned grinder I weigh in lots of coffee. No less than 250g and weigh out with individual programs with pauses between. You can then see what the grinder has really retained! Unsurprisingly tells different story to most published figures!
  12. Sorry I was too flippant! The XL is similar to an S 65. Speed quality and volume. The grind chamber has 65 blades squeezed in resulting in low retention. the s 65 is however in the body designed for a 75. Meaning the burrs are lost in the chamber. Eg much higher retention! if I had a requirement for 2kg+ a day In a shop then s 65 probably starting to make sense it’s big hopper, employee proof body etc. but to be clear the XL is grinder to go for at 65mm money. All brands considered the grind quality is exceptional, Eurekas always punch in this department. Bear i
  13. Amazing they will be with you Tuesday my friend thanks!
  14. Easy one 64x37 Monophase RH blades you need sir. Mazzer PN FMA00033M Hope this helps! PS mazzer serial number first two digits are manufacture year. So 2008 model, looks fab despite the age fella! PPS the pictured pleased 189D is mazzer mini blades!! Won't fit don't buy them!! PPPS https://coff-hey.com/products/mazzer-super-jolly-64mm-burrs-grinder-blades
  15. I'd get it on an adaptor if you plan to keep it for a long time. (i.e. years). While I don't know anything about these displays over the software I can tell you this type of display is not used on the commercial models nor on espresso machines with a display. I cannot help but think that may suggest it's not got the longest life span. On the other hand some people must have left the displays running 24/7 and I've only ever replaced one (for a member here!) which was purely software and happened after a month or two of ownership. That's since doing warranty repairs for dealer June 2018.
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