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  1. Hi, had a look today after arriving back. No leaks, inlet looked fine. @MediumRoastSteam gave me the idea to check pipes/tubes that they could be making noise. I looked around and noticed the outlet pipe from the pump was not touching but very close to the wall of the machine, so I twisted the elbow connection from the pump back a bit and the pipe is a distance from the wall now. This pipe does pass through a rubber fitting fixed to the wall up higher which is probably to absorb any noise but it looked like the pipe could have been touching the wall below this with pump vibration. I checked a
  2. Hi, I would say welcome but I’m not here long enough to qualify!! But great to hear you’re getting one of these lovely machines, hopefully yours will be set up, in full working order for you when you receive it. Yes, the leak was on the outlet, I’m still observing higher levels of noise than should be, and when I think back to my exams on mechanical pumps and working in industry your comment about air intake makes sense too. I did keep an eye all around the area when I had it opened up and didn’t see any other leaks, but I will actually open back up when I get a chance probably be Monday
  3. Brilliant @DavecUK thank you so much, that was perfect guidance on this issue and thankfully the leak is fixed now. I basically fixed it with the first part of your instructions - a simple tightening of the elbow after removing the outlet tube. It took 3 x half turns mind you, so it was never tightened properly or at all in the first place. No leak now and water pressure ramping up when it should from first shot. The pump is still noisier than it should be I think, it’s not the drip tray or scales, it’s as if the pump is vibrating off the wall of the housing because if I press on the fr
  4. And as @MediumRoastSteam rightly informed me it’s the pump outlet that’s leaking not the inlet as I had stated
  5. Class, thanx a mill Dave, look forward to this
  6. Ok ok I’ll calm down!! Yeah any suggestions I’ll have a go, it’s not a clip on/clip fit. Not sure if it’s a customised fitting or not
  7. Firstly thanks to @MediumRoastSteam for his help, got me most of the way there to diagnosing 👍 Ok,so, after getting the ok from seller to open it up to find the leak (warranty still intact), I had to take off a couple of layers, and turns out it’s the pump inlet. Leaking very badly, indeed. Removed another later of metal to get at it but it’s one of those fittings that moves around, it’s not a ‘give it a nudge’ and that tightens it up. Unfortunately tonight I’m not a plumber so not familiar with those fittings so have to wait and see what the seller comes back with now. Disappointing for
  8. But I haven’t, I deactivated it, on button one, I wanted to start with simple old press to start press to stop until I get the handle on it, and I’ve just been using that button so far. So I was wondering why I might be causing it with the rinse of empty portafilter
  9. Yeah, I’m not sure yet whether eco has any effect, I’ll keep a very close eye now. I’ve turned the machine off now for the day, it’s in eco mode (I cleaned the drip tray after turning off, then read what you suggested, I can turn back on, take a shot and then see if you like but probably just leave it now?) when I turn on manually in the morning I’ll hang by it and see. What I have noticed so far is that the discharge is from the right hand side of the 2 outlets when standing in front of the machine, as the last video showed the pressure release was from the left hand side. I won’t rinse
  10. Ok, there might be hope for me yet!! see the video thanks @DavecUK I’m now on YouTube ha! The stuff in the drip tray is just reflection from the underside of the body, as the drip tray was so clean. The pf just needed a little tightening at the start but there were no leaks at all during the 55 secs until the pressure release at the end. So hopefully that rules out any group head leak? Why then the other leaks still https://youtu.be/rDI7He6RHxY
  11. So before I even start, this has leaked into drip tray since I cleaned it a couple hours ago,machine had been on the only thing I’ve done is put it into eco mode an hour ago!
  12. Ok cool thanks will do that, silly next question, I’ve put it into eco mode but how to cool the steam boiler to speed it up and carry out the test?
  13. Hi, yeah, that’s what I’m saying, it was dry before hand (I cleaned and dried it after turning it off last night) and the pic was when I walked up to the machine this morning after it had been on heating up for approx 1 hour. This plus the voids I’ve been experiencing trigger me to wondering if there is some sort of leak/issue. So just pulled another shot after 3 hours idle, again there’s a delay in pressure/delivery https://youtu.be/55mCaiE3VsE .
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