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  1. I experienced the same from new but turns out it was really down to the fact that the shower screen was too tight. Only after a few weeks of use did I realise this. @MediumRoastSteam has commented pretty often on the forum about this and helped me diagnose it. It really only takes a hand tighten after cleaning/removing the shower screen and I find I need to then loosen it some. I bought a silicone gasket to have as spare but haven’t needed to change yet as the shower screen adjustment means the machine works fine with no leaks or over tightening of the portafilter - locks in at about 6:30 even though I’d worn a track in the original gasket before realising this.
  2. JahLaza

    OSX experts

    Here’s a start https://www.google.ie/amp/s/www.prodriveit.co.uk/dont-panic-restoring-deleted-emails-in-outlook-and-mail/amp
  3. JahLaza

    OSX experts

    If your backup is ok there shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re now running a newer os you should be able to do a time machine back up or even just try to pick the files from time machine before backing up the whole system
  4. That’s pretty hard water, you would need to treat it or the beautiful new machine will scale up pretty fast
  5. If you have the funds I would have to say get the Bianca, no question. Cut out the time wasting in between! Although some might say you’d be missing out on that journey of discovery in between but have you travelled that road long enough already by having the de’longhi?! But, as medium roast steam-says, you must consider the water quality, can you afford an osmio zero or equivalent at this time as well as the bianca? If not see what you can afford with a water treatment unit but between a classic pro and Bianca - Bianca yep!
  6. JahLaza


    A few years ago I used think I knew a bit about coffee and thought Costa had better coffee. Then I discovered the aero press from a new cafe run by a pair of brothers passionate about coffee. You could walk in to their unassuming place, order any of about 5 or 6 different beans brewed in any of 5 or 6 ways (from aero press to chemex to V60 to espresso machine). As I got to know the guys, purchased an aero press, one of the brothers had been a plumber who used to service machines for Costa, the penny started to drop! And now I’m in this forum with an espresso machine at home. I haven’t been to one of those multinationals since, well, before then sometime!! But they are cool places to meet people I guess and surely not a bad place to earn pocket money in these times👍
  7. I’ve since invested in a bottomless portafilter and competition IMS basket-not one stuck puck ever since and more crema, and the odd spray!! Happy days 😊
  8. Hi, @Coff Hey just noticed this thread would really appreciate if you could check mine if that’s possible? Specialita purchased April this year, I’m finding I need to use finest setting just shy of burrs touching lately to get my usual volume out in expected time and this is over a number of different beans/roasts. SN is PH0012045114240 I won’t be able to take apart until this evening to check the burrs myself. As per previous poster, I single dose and takes about 15 seconds to grind 18g many thanks in advance
  9. Didn’t ask @Mark Osmio what’s your advise on this? The use of that temperature option I mean!
  10. Yes of course no one wants to take any chances with a baby and yes of course everyone would only want to stay on the safest side of caution (I totally get all that), but, what’s the point of a baby bottle option then? It’s not good enough to simply provide water for such a use if it’s just a suitable temperature, if it’s not safe due to the other risks, but was just wondering
  11. Oh, and, let me state I’m not trying to use this as a baby questions forum (as I drink a nice Guatemalan/Brazilian blend!!) Just a question about the osmio zero!!😌
  12. Cheers, yes looking forward to the next sleep in!! Of course we are aware of the dos and don’ts, and the advise is basically use cooled boiled water, so, that means one should use water that has a low level of microbial activity really, or as close to zero in that regard as possible. But, with the baby bottle option on the zero I wondered if there was any info out there (there isn’t anything to hand I could find!) as it would be very handy to be able to simply use that water straight away without the ritual of boiling and cooling and wondering is it boiled long enough and is it cooled long enough/too long etc etc! I know no one would want to give general advise on such a subject but just wondered as there is a dispense option called ‘baby bottle’ on the unit eh?! I wouldn’t take the chance until I had a better understanding either
  13. Hi folks, wasn’t sure where to ask this question but I’m an osmio zero owner so thought this might qualify! Just wondering about the baby bottle option. We’ve a 2 month old and we’re starting to introduce some formula feeding. It hasn’t been boiled at the baby bottle option but the filters should remove most harmful micro-organisms, is it safe enough to use straight? Don’t worry you’re not liable for any ensuing sicknesses! Just a conversation
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