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  1. Ah! Yes... a few have had that reaction... hope you are feeling better today! I ordered up all the hardware that I didn't have and a few bits landed today including the sensor. The ESP32 has so much grunt, that as long as we modify the code to be non-blocking, it'll be more than man enough for the job. It was a great choice. I'm really interested in adding a little display! To show what's going on, but less so in adding extra controls. As you hinted, it should just work when switched on and not require you to get your browser out. I think using a web page for configuration
  2. Thanks... I dropped you a PM, and set a watch on your GitHub page. I'm interested in how you would like to further develop this, and how I can help you? Also, where/how you want those discussions to take place? I have a little embedded experience (mostly Keil, but have dabbled with Mbed, PlatformIO and Arduino), and also a microelectronics background. Though, TBH, I have spent most of my career managing.
  3. @ijim Thanks for posting up all the schematics and code onto GitHub. Now that we are on the Easter holiday's, I'll get a chance to run through and have a look. I know this is a little cheeky, but would it be possible to get hold of one of your boards? I'll happily pay for it/ postage. Cheers A.
  4. I've been reading this forum for a while now, and yesterday pulled the trigger on a 2nd hand Silvia v3 espresso machine. I'd read the issues with the wide band of hysteresis on the bimetallic switch used on this system, and considered using a small microcontroller running a PID loop (or two) to solve some issues. I have a little experience of this, having written something similar using PlatformIO and an esp8266 for my smd reflow oven. I never got round to creating a dedicated board, although I can say that the cheap SSR's work well and higher frequency switching does indeed str
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