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  1. @DavecUK Hello yep sorry i should mentioned, It was sold during the organisation of the ECM Synchronica
  2. Ok thats great ill talk in PM
  3. Yep i will cover all travel costs still thats no problem
  4. @Instant no more ! If you can reach 1.8k we have a deal
  5. @Instant no more ! Here is a vid on the flow control it explains it a bit better than i do lol
  6. I do have the original mushroom and parts from BB also if you were to convert it back but as you can set the flow control to flow like there is none fitted its worth leaving it on untill you want to experiment
  7. @Instant no more ! There actually pretty good tbh You can control the flow of an extraction and have long pre infusions ect, There are a few profiles out there from the more expensive machines that have a pressure regulator that you can imitate. I have all the positions of the flow control figured out i will pass that info on there all based on 1/4 turn of the knob
  8. I welcome counter offers i wont be insulted feel free to barter we have room to move i am also still happy to cover travel costs
  9. @Instant no more ! Hello, The flow control has been fitted by BB when purchased it takes the original price up to 2,456.99, There is approx 1 year and 7 months left on warranty
  10. I was going to buy an R58 before some research into the ECM Syncronika after i got told how great they are by Bella Barista. I will be able to do contactless pickups witch would be no more exposure than from a delivery if needed and if you have a banking app for a transfer then we won't even need to trade cash
  11. @Chris_on_caffeine Lol tbh if it was worth more it would also be sold
  12. A few reasons, Too much coffee drinking, Lacking space in my 1 bed Maisonette (Also have a pizza oven) lol, Could do with the money at the moment instead.
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