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  1. 6 x 60 day filters for the Aqua optima water filters for £15.43,good value I thought. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aqua-Optima-SWP336-supply-Filter/dp/B000V9D71O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1488819354&sr=8-1&keywords=aqua+optima+water+filters
  2. I fitted one about a month ago and it has given me a vast improvement in reducing these particles.
  3. I have these particles appear in my machine, my latest theory is that they may be coffee fines. It does look like metal but I put one between my teeth and it I felt it "give". I just cannot think where metal or scale all of such a small size could come from. Mine also collect in the water tank every few weeks. I have recently got a better grinder so will be interested to see if they occur less.
  4. I will take this at the asking price please but would need it posted to Worcester . I am happy to pay the costs for this.
  5. Thanks, that was just what I was after
  6. Hi Does anyone have a clear set of instructions for descaling a Cherub that they would recommend please. I have searched but thought someone might have a link to one that they used. Thanks in advance
  7. John Lewis have the Ascaso I1 for £ 170 for the next few days with 3 year guarantee. I think the I1 is better thought of than the I2, just an option for you to consider.
  8. I have been using my Cherub for a while without the fitted filter and just using filtered water. Having looked at the water tank today it was full of bits particularly around the probes for detecting an empty tank. I had removed the fitted filter previously, because I thought the filter was breaking down and causing the problem, this cannot now be the case. I now wonder if the sediment like bits is coming from the probes. I generally do a clean once a week and from now on will probably remove tank and wipe it clean and might look at putting a original filter back in. Does anyone have any othe
  9. Nothing into the drip tray. I have just tried another back flush and a tiny amount goes back into the reservoir ? anyway its not a problem as I am new to the coffee world and enjoying using the machine and learning to produce a nice shot. Thanks
  10. Hi there, first post I have just bought the ascaso Pablo machine and am a bit puzzled, it says it has a valve to prevent dripping but this does not drop any excess water into the drip tray area like the Gaggia. This is not a problem but why do they include a blank plate to perform a back flush ? not sure what this will achieve. Anybody with any experience with this machine ? Its all working fine and I am pleased with the machine just confused !
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