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  1. Aaah I see what you mean - I intentionally made it a tight fit so that the screw doenst need to be made too tight to hold it in place. Remember everyone's 3D printer might print bigger/smaller so better to be smaller and have to sand it than have it too big. You can also scale it by 1% when slicing it for printing if you want it bigger.
  2. What do you mean by making the diameter larger? Are you referring to the inside of the ring where it slides over the carrier? Or the pointer? I am happy to put up a model with a pointer that is even longer if you want? I just did not want it to cover the markers.
  3. I think any of those will work - even PLA will. I use ABS just because that is all I ever buy and am comfortabel with it.
  4. Easy enough to draw up in CAD however my previous diagram is pretty much that with the exception that my spiral is only over 90 degrees and is solid above and below the helix.
  5. What if the disk was more of a cylinder and had a cutout that formed a downward facing ramp (over about a quarter turn or more) This would help move the beans downwards. Concept below - obviouasly not the final product as there is not way to mount this but just the idea of the deisign: Coudl also make two ramps - on on each side I guess. Will work on something that fits the grinder next
  6. I have a 3D printer and know my way around the CAD package a little so happy to do some testing if you guys can give ideas. Trying to get my head around what you ar etrying to acheive. Is it to prevent any "rebounding" beans from flying out (so some sort of lid to deflect them) or are we looking to try guide beans to the burrs like that metal arm picture posted earlier?
  7. No problem. I was going to ask to have my PayPal account added so that people can "buy me a coffee" but then realised that no bought would not be as good as mine so I thought forget it 😂😂
  8. Or even easier - 3D print the indicator that I made available and use that to indicate your zero point and then there is a common reference for all. Example - on my grinder the current espresso settign I am using is around teh 8 mark using the bean indicator, but with the one I 3D printed I am 15.5 gradulations away from my zero mark.
  9. Anyone else suddenly finding that Tapatalk will not log into these forums? Tells me that I am not authorised to log in but I am able to via Web browser
  10. From what I understand the olab quiet pump is a rebranded ulka ex4 pump. Your original was probably the ex5. Looking here http://www.ulka-ceme.co.uk/E_Models.html The ex4 does have a lower zero pressure flow rate than the ex5 so probably to be expected.you will see at the 8-10bar pressure range flow rates are very similar. The ex4 at least doesn't have the little plastic balls Probably not something to worry about.
  11. Yes that is all fine with a white grinder but where are we to get black plates to fit our black grinders??
  12. In all honesty I think all I am saying is don't claim that it is your design. I by no means expect an email thanking me [emoji6] Sorry just had bad experiences in the past where I have shared a 3D model that I made and ended up seeing my model being sold by other people. Not that this one is by any means ground breaking...
  13. Installed the version with the thinner pointer - I like this one, can really help point out tiny adjujstments in the grind.
  14. So I have come up with a solution to the grind indicator. My solution is 100% reversible, allows you to set the zero and is much easier to see: This was 3D printed: It is a snug fit on the grinder upper burr carrier but I included the option to add a small 5mm gub screw to hold it in place after you have zeroed it. Just run a M5 tap through the hole that is 3D printed and add a small M5x5mm grub screw. Zeroing is simple - just tighten the grind adjustment till you know you are at zero (burrs touching - I manually turn and do not use the motor), rotate the
  15. Jees you guys are getting ripped off hey. One of the only advantages of living here in the a$$ end of the world. Good quality food at cheap prices. Our local butcher was selling ostrich burger patties the other day. Real nice, about 2-3 inches in diameter and at least an inch thick. Also had wildebeest patties, will try those next time! Well that and we also we have this thing called a sun that makes our climate very enjoyable all year round [emoji23]
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