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  1. I've got plastic and metal. I seem to get better results with the plastic and it was far cheaper.
  2. In case anyone is interested, this basically has become a non-issue now. I use the self-levelling tamper, and very light pressure (almost just the weight of the tamper), but I nutate. This means that the sides of the self-levelling tamper are restricted by the sides of the basket. I get an even tamp almost every time now.
  3. I am getting better gradually. The thing about coffee is that I personally can only really take 1-2 espressos per day, so learning is slow. The only time I'd pull more than that in a day is if one pull is so obviously dreadful that it goes straight down the sink. I've been drinking mostly brewed for some time now, and usually that has meant a Hasbean subscription. Since playing with the Robot, I've temporarily cancelled my Hasbean subscription whilst I experiment with other coffees. Apart from anything, I don't want my bean to change every week. My impression is that choice of bean h
  4. I've been pretty careful about that. The coffee gets better all the time, which is good. I watch the basket through the bottomless portafilter, and I can see that the stream isn't central.... it's always closer to me, if that makes sense. I've been trying rotating the basket post-tamp, and the stream continue to be closer to me. So I think there is something uneven about the pressure, and I don't think it's my prep. But the coffee tastes good, so I'm not bothered really. I'm getting better at levelling the puck. That part is my fault, I think. I've been using my fingers inside the
  5. That's what I'm using, unfortunately. One should never underestimate my ability to screw things up
  6. Amazingly, I got away with it. That sort of thing never happens to me! I use the Robot every day, and generally love it, although I'm frustrated that the spent pucks often show that something was unlevel. I don't know whether that's my mistake in distribution, in tamping, or whether the piston applies pressure unevenly. Anyway, the coffee is good.
  7. Evidently I'm really bad at tamping level, and that's with the supposedly self-levelling tamper. Any tips? My fingers are too fat to reach into the basket when tamping
  8. So this is it I think. I received a lovely 1zpresso K-Plus from Bella Barista today, and I'm about 4 coffees in with the Robot using that grinder. Finally the workflow is effortless. I've got a lot of respect for the designer of the Robot. There really is almost nothing to go wrong. There's almost no cleanup, and no descaling. There are no pressurestats to fail. Maybe the only thing you could screw up would be to bend the showerscreen by overzealous pumping (!) of the arms. I do wish I'd ordered a spare of that part, albeit accessories are much more expensive from coffee24 than fro
  9. wintoid

    WTB: Kinu M47

    OK 1zpresso K-Plus has arrived. Thanks Bella Barista! I don't need a Kinu. This is more than good enough for me. Mods, sorry to be a pain, but please archive, or whatever needs to happen to close this.
  10. wintoid

    WTB: Kinu M47

    Thanks @marc1882, I had a look at the Phoenix and realised it has the plastic retaining bracket thingy. I'd prefer one with the metal bracket, so I will decline your kind offer, but thank you anyway. I thought I wasn't going to get any replies, so I ended up ordering a 1zspresso yesterday. I may end up getting a Kinu as well, but that depends on how I get on with the 1zspresso when it arrives, possibly today. Mods - is it OK to keep the ad up until I've tried the other grinder? If I really like the 1zspresso, I'll withdraw the ad asap.
  11. Hi Tim I love the Robot so far, but am still very much on the learning curve. I’ve finally accepted that my HGOne is incapable of making a good espresso grind, so I’m retiring it. I’ve been getting by with my Feldgrind in the meantime but planning to get a 1zpresso or Kinu or both in the long term. The Robot is an incredibly well judged device. I prefer it to the Cremina I used to have. I think it’s likely to be the last machine I buy. Hard to see what could go wrong. Cheers Simon
  12. wintoid

    WTB: Kinu M47

    Anyone in the UK selling a Kinu M47, ideally the classic version, but others possibly considered? Cheers, Simon
  13. I got my wife to have a look at it with me, as she's generally better with this kind of stuff. We think the coplanarity is OK. However, we don't think we can ever get the gaps between the inner and outer burr to be even. In particular, the gap closest to the crankwheel is smaller than the gap furthest from the crankwheel, if that makes sense. No matter how much I tap the outer burr to move it towards the crankwheel, there's just no more room for adjustment. After reassembling, I did manage to get up to about 6 bars on a Robot shot, but it was still channeling like crazy. I'm back
  14. Yeah I tried that. Perhaps I should have another go. I felt like I was whacking from the side in the direction of the crankwheel, and there was no more movement to be had.
  15. Ooh! No! That's interesting. What should I use to mark the burrs?
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