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  1. Probably something even better and cheaper
  2. Thanks! I ordered one, which means something cheaper and better should be released some time between now and when my Niche arrives in October Never had an electric before.
  3. Wow, looks like I overpaid for my K-Plus from Bella Barista. Even so, I love it, so I'm not grumbling.
  4. I'm not planning to pull my HG One out of the garage, but would these fit the HG One? Just curious.
  5. To be honest, consistency isn't a problem. More or less no matter what you do, the coffee seems to come out good. I have the pressure gauge, and I could now do without it easily, because I know what 9 bars feels like. I also no longer aim for 9 bars.
  6. That's great news! Thanks for sharing that.
  7. I emailed them directly and they agreed in advance to refund the VAT for me. I then didn't get charged VAT on import, although I can't say what will happen to you. The package was disclosed correctly for customs purposes, as far as I am aware.
  8. Great! I sold my PV ages ago, but it was a major pain changing seals, so I'm sure this will help some people.
  9. I've got plastic and metal. I seem to get better results with the plastic and it was far cheaper.
  10. In case anyone is interested, this basically has become a non-issue now. I use the self-levelling tamper, and very light pressure (almost just the weight of the tamper), but I nutate. This means that the sides of the self-levelling tamper are restricted by the sides of the basket. I get an even tamp almost every time now.
  11. I am getting better gradually. The thing about coffee is that I personally can only really take 1-2 espressos per day, so learning is slow. The only time I'd pull more than that in a day is if one pull is so obviously dreadful that it goes straight down the sink. I've been drinking mostly brewed for some time now, and usually that has meant a Hasbean subscription. Since playing with the Robot, I've temporarily cancelled my Hasbean subscription whilst I experiment with other coffees. Apart from anything, I don't want my bean to change every week. My impression is that choice of bean has an effect on how easy it is to get a good extraction from the Robot. At the moment, I'm getting very good results from Black Cat's Signature blend. The key to a level tamp with the self-levelling tamper (!) for me has been to apply pressure with my fingers to the 3 wings (can't find a better word) of the tamper inside the basket, and no pressure on the handle of the tamper. I'm also gently lowering the screen onto the coffee bed, and not pressing it down at all, although I may experiment with this.
  12. I've been pretty careful about that. The coffee gets better all the time, which is good. I watch the basket through the bottomless portafilter, and I can see that the stream isn't central.... it's always closer to me, if that makes sense. I've been trying rotating the basket post-tamp, and the stream continue to be closer to me. So I think there is something uneven about the pressure, and I don't think it's my prep. But the coffee tastes good, so I'm not bothered really. I'm getting better at levelling the puck. That part is my fault, I think. I've been using my fingers inside the basket to push down the tamper, and don't use the handle at all now. The pucks are mostly level recently.
  13. That's what I'm using, unfortunately. One should never underestimate my ability to screw things up
  14. Amazingly, I got away with it. That sort of thing never happens to me! I use the Robot every day, and generally love it, although I'm frustrated that the spent pucks often show that something was unlevel. I don't know whether that's my mistake in distribution, in tamping, or whether the piston applies pressure unevenly. Anyway, the coffee is good.
  15. Evidently I'm really bad at tamping level, and that's with the supposedly self-levelling tamper. Any tips? My fingers are too fat to reach into the basket when tamping
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